How to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android

Want to delete someone on WhatsApp without them knowing? This tutorial will show you steps to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android device. You can only individually remove WhatsApp contacts from your address book in android or iOS or Windows devices. Also delete WhatsApp messages.

When you add new contacts in your phone list, it will automatically show on WhatsApp contacts list if that phone number registered as WhatsApp number. Several users facing WhatsApp still shows deleted contacts in address book. Follow below given step by step process to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android phone or tablet.

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How to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android devices

To delete contacts in WhatsApp android, just remove your mobile number from your phone’s address book.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app in your android device


Step 2: Tap Chat tab

Remove WhatsApp contacts

Step 3: Tap New chat icon at bottom right corner

List of WhatsApp contacts are available in your device.

Step 4: Tap contact from list you want to hide or remove

Step 5: Tap Contact name from top of the screen

Delete WhatsApp contacts

Step 6: Tap More (Three vertical dots) at upper right corner

Add WhatsApp contact in address book

Step 7: Select view in address bar

Individually remove WhatsApp contacts Android

Step 8: Tap More

Delete contacts in WhatsApp Android

Step 9: Tap Delete

You can this message on the screen: Delete this contact?

How to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android

Step 10: Tap Delete

Now this contact will remove from your WhatsApp contacts list. To show this contact, again add phone number in your android or iPhone devices. Also delete contact in WhatsApp using contact settings.

Open contacts app > Select contact you want to delete > Three vertical dots (More) > Delete > Delete

And that’s it. I hope this little tip useful to delete WhatsApp contacts in Android devices. Do you still have any question? Tell us in below comment box. Don’t forget to share with others if you found it useful.

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