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How to clear activity history in Windows 10

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

By default stored activity history on Windows 10 PC or laptop. Here’s how to clear activity history in Windows 10. This Windows 10 activity history includes website you browse in your PC, use apps & services and other information you search. If you want to hide Windows 10 activities from your timeline, turned off your Microsoft account toggle under privacy settings.

You can send your activity history to Microsoft, so anytime manage your data. Just sign in Microsoft account to view & clear browse data, review location data and clear search history Windows 10. Follow below given step by step process to clear activity history in Windows 10 laptop.

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How to clear activity history in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

You’ll manage your Microsoft account activity data in Windows 10 desktop or laptop using below given settings.

Step 1: Tap Windows start menu

Step 2: Tap Settings gear icon

Step 3: Tap Privacy

Manage your Microsoft account activity data in Windows 10 PC


Step 4: Tap Activity history under Windows permission

Here you can see Activity history settings in your Windows 10 PC. By default store your activity history and show activities from these accounts in you’re signed in Microsoft account.

How to clear activity history in Windows 10 PC


Step 5: Tap Clear under clear activity history

This will clear all activity history for your Microsoft account from all your devices. You won’t be able to resume any cleared activities.

How to delete Windows 10 activity history


Step 6: Tap OK

Step 7: Wait until clearing your Windows 10 activity history

After deleted activity history, you can see true arrow icon beside clear button.

Enable or disable apps to access your call history on Windows 10

By default allow apps to access call history in your Windows 10 PC or laptop devices. Also choose which apps can access your Windows 10 call history.

Windows settings > Privacy > App permission > Call history

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