How To Manage Power Settings In Windows 7

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How to set or change power saving settings Windows 7/Windows 8. Power saving helps to save energy by reducing your PC’s performance and automatically adjust with energy consumption and computer hardware. You can create a new power plan as a power saver or balanced or high performance. To change the sleep and display settings you can set the time to turn off the display when not use.

You can use a power plan to maximize PC’s performance, adjust screen brightness & balance it and reduce the amount of power your computer uses. In the advanced power settings, you can manage the power of desktop background, USB, power button & lid, wireless adapter, multimedia, and more settings. Below you can see the simple process to change power plan settings in Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 device.

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How To Change Power Settings In Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP

Step 1: Click on the Windows Start menu button and tap on the Control panel.

Tap on system and security settings category

Step 2: Tap on “System and Security” settings category.

Tap on power options

Step 3: Tap on “Power options”.

How to change power saving settings windows 7

You can see the selected power plan of your Windows 7 PC. You can also create a new power plan and adjust the display turns off and the computer sleeps time.

Step 4: Choose a power plan as balanced or power saver.

In balanced power-saving settings automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware and power saver settings saves energy by reducing Windows PC performance where possible.

Change plan settings windows 7

Step 5: Tap on “Change plan settings”.

change power saving settings windows 7

Now change the display turn off and sleep time from drop-down box want to use your computer.

Step 6: Click on the “Save Changes” button to change power saving settings windows 7 desktop.

Advance power settings options

You can also use advanced power-saving settings to customize or manage Windows 7 power saver settings.


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Turn off Power Save Mode Windows 7

Step 1: Open Control panel in your Windows 7

Step 2: Tap hardware and sound

Step 3: Tap Power options

Step 4: Tap Change plan settings next to Power saver

Step 5: Tap Change Advanced power settings

Step 6: Tap +Harddisk 

Step 7: Tap Turn off hard disk after

Step 8: Change the time to tap on it

Step 9: Tap Sleep

Step 10: Tap Hibernate after

Step 11: Change the time to tap on it

Step 12: Tap Apply and click OK

That’s it. Above you can see the guide to change power saving settings windows 7/8/10. If you have any concern or question regarding above given steps then please let us know on below comment box, would be a pleasure to help you.

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