How to cancel send friend request on facebook

Facebook is one of the most useful social networking sites that give permission you to send friend request to known or unknown facebook user. Most of all we have send friend request to the people whom you known in real life. You have sent many facebook requests to your friends …

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How to check last online time on Facebook app

Facebook is one of the most used social media apps than any other apps such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pintrest etc. Using facebook app, you can connect with your friends or family. Check last online time on facebook app in android phone or tablet. On facebook mobile app you cannot …

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Loan EMI Calculator apps for Android

Here you can get most useful loan EMI calculator apps for android smart phones and tablets including Home loan EMI Calculator, Car loan EMI Calculator, Mortgage EMI Calculator, Auto loan and personal loan EMI Calculator. Using these loan EMI Calculator apps for android you can calculate monthly installments, statistical detail …

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