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7 Best Selfie Apps For Android in 2020

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here are the 7 best selfie apps for Android in 2020. Apparently, having a front camera is not sufficient for most users. Dedicated by selfie apps surfing up, we have the ability to add filters, stickers, AR masks, and what not to our selfies to make them stand out. You can add stickers, funny Emoji & icons, collage art, art frames & grid frames, add text & change text color and font style, etc. Some of the best Android selfie apps 2020 include great features such as live filters, photo editor, apply the effect of live selfies, and live camera effect.

The 21st generation is obsessed with selfies, without a doubt. Not only social media platforms you use, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter, selfies are the norm everywhere. In this article, we’re going to highlight the best free Selfie Apps for Android including BestMe Selfie camera, YouCam perfect, Sweet selfie candy new name, Candy camera, SelfieCity, selfie camera expert, Retrica and more.

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Top 7 Best Android Apps For Selfie 2020

Selfies are great, and having the ability to express yourself better with stickers and filters is an added bonus. Check out below given the most popular Android selfie apps 2020.

YouCam Makeup Selfie Camera App

YouCam Makeup Selfie Camera App For Android

YouCamMakeup app especially for hot summer styles or show off your proudest looks with virtual makeup. Perfect your selfies in seconds with YouCam Makeup, the leading AR makeup & selfie camera app. Also, use makeup looks from hundreds of beauty brand products with our live makeup cam – you can even record a makeup video right on the app. You can also edit your Selfie and touch up your photos with face makeover, hair color, lipstick, skin tone, teeth whitening, skin smoother, eyebrows, eye color, contour, makeover styles.


Candy Camera

Candy Camera Best Selfie Apps For Android

The candy Camera app is one of the best selfie camera apps on the Google Play Store. You can take selfies and see real-time effects on them and there are more than a hundred filters in the app. Also, you get added features such as stickers and collage. There’s also a silent camera feature that allows you to take selfies in public without attracting much attention. This app also offers real-time unlimited video calls for free with real-time filters. The candy Camera app is a very lightweight and powerful app, which allows the user to make use of gestures to easily make their images look popping.


B612 – Best Beauty Camera App For Android

B612 Beauty and Selfie App For Android

B612 is a photography app that is one of the best apps for selfies. That lets you apply a filter to your images before sharing them through your favorite social networks. In total, B612 has more than 50 different filters, Besides applying filters, B612 lets you make collages with your pictures. Over the 1,500 diverse stickers, B612 is a selfie camera app that is preferred by the majority of users out there. B612 also allows for video recording with live filters, allowing you to create high-quality music videos. The app’s interface is very similar to that of Instagram, with features such as images, music video, hands-free mode, and boomerang, all laid out at the bottom for the user’s convenience.


Retrica – #1 Best Rating For Taking breathtaking and fabulous photos and selfies!

Retrica Filter Camera App For Android

Real-time filter android selfie app includes 120 great filters to take amazing photos & videos and make your own album with friends or family members. You can also convert your collage photos or video into GIF and decorate your photos & videos on your smartphone.

Cymera Camera

Cymera Selfie Camera App For Android

Cymera is the best selfie app for those who are looking for a robust picture editor and the beautifying function of a camera. It can correct your face and gives you the possibility to style your composition. In this app, you can add 130 filters and different effects to your selfies, create collages, etc. Cymera offers InstaFit features, very fast, and easy-to-use picture editing tools. However, the most interesting thing about this app is its set of 7 camera lenses which include separate lenses, a fisheye lens, a Lomo camera, and others. You can style your photo using different stickers, art effects, built-in collage grids, blurred backgrounds, etc.


YouCam Perfect Selfie Camera App For Android

YouCam Perfect Selfie App For Android

Best android selfie app to capture amazing photo selfies with various different effects including real-time beauty camera, multi-face editing, remove the unwanted object, and slim & taller look. You can take a group selfie and editing every face in your group photo and simply change face into a smiley. Also, remove your face pimples & wrinkles, edit tired eyes, and reshape your face. Using picture editor, you can add stickers, frames, funny scenes, and hundreds of collages. This is one of the best android apps for a selfie.


Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie Camera App For Android

Best selfie app to takes a perfect selfie with amazing filters for blur & vignette. You can add stickers, emoji, text, and stylish real-time halo filter effect in taken selfies on your android phone. Share a selfie with your friends on social sites.


Which is your favorite android selfie apps 2020 from the above-given list? If we missed any great selfie Android apps and If you have any questions please share it with us.

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