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Best Emoji Keyboard For Android 2020

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here you can get popular Emoji apps for Android smartphones and tablets including smiley faces, emotional face, animal Emoji, Colorful Emoji, funny stickers, GIFs, and other interesting Android Emoji apps 2020. Using these android apps for Emoji keyboard or Emotion you can also use a smiley everywhere like social media groups, text messages, email, SMS, chat messengers, friends & family, etc. Below you can download free useful android apps for Emoji keyboard.

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Best Android Apps For Emoji Keyboard

Android apps for Emoji keyboard Pro

Emoji Keyboard Pro: Emoticons   

This Emoji app for Android smartphones and tablets includes 800+ Emoji & Emoticons, various attractive themes, sounds, GIFs, fonts, and other amazing features. Using this android app for Emoji keyboard pro you can customize your best themes or pictures. You can send your favorite Emoji, emoticon, and different smiley using this Android Emoji app.


  • 50+ styles themes
  • Fast & smooth typing
  • 25+ dictionaries for auto-correct & word prediction
  • Most advance android Emoji keyboard

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Go Keyboard Emoji app for Android

Go Keyboard: Emoticons, Emoji apps for Android

Using this Android app for Emoji, you can individualize the Android keyboard with emoji, emoticons, smiley faces, colorful theme, font, etc. This popular android app for the Emoji keyboard is best for Whatsapp, Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, and other social media sites.


  • 800+ emoji, emoticons & smiley faces
  • 10000+ colorful themes
  • Check word corrections
  • Various layout keyboard for tablet
  • #1 customer reviews

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Swiftkey Keyboard Emoji app for Android

Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji App

This popular android app for Emoji keyboard includes 800+ emoji, 30 colorful themes, and various layouts for all android devices. Using this smart keyboard android Emoji app, you can fast chat, send SMS, email, and text chat with your friends or social media. This Emoji android app is also supported various languages such as English (US), English (UK), Arabic, Danish, Czech, Greek, etc.

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Android app for Emoji Keyboard

Android apps for Emoji Keyboard: Cute, Emoticons

This Android Emoji app 2020 includes 3000+ emoji & emoticons, funny stickers, smiley, icons, symbols, text face, and other various emoji to send in a text message, chat, social media, messenger, etc. Using this Emoji app for Android smartphones and tablet you can also personalize your favorite theme.


  • 3000+ emoji
  • 1000+ elegant themes
  • 30 dictionary for auto-correction
  • Supported multiple languages

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Popular Android apps for Emoji keyboard


This Emoji app for Android includes 800+ emoji, smiley, pretty themes, 100+ keyboard themes, and other interesting and funny emoji. Using this Android Emoji app you can also change key text color, keyboard background color, and keyboard theme color.


  • Elegant keyboard UI
  • Gesture slide input
  • Kit kat style keyboard

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Emoji Keyboard app for Android


Android Apps For Emoji Keyboard

This Android emoji app 2020 includes 800+ emoji, emoticons, and smiley for send various emotion smiley to friends, social media including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, various chat messengers, family, SMS, etc. This emoji app for Android smartphone and tablet is #1 good customer reviews than any other emoji android apps.

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Above you can get attractive android apps for the Emoji keyboard. Which of the above emoji apps for Android smartphone would you like most? If you have known other useful Android emoji apps 2020 then please share with us.

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