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How to use Bitmoji in Android keyboard

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How to use Bitmoji in android keyboard or Google keyboard. Bitmoji is one type of personal Emoji that includes different styles of stickers. You can send Bitmoji on any android or iOS devices. Also quickly switch Google keyboard to Bitmoji keyboard. Have you ever use Bitmoji keyboard for android in Google keyboard?

You can add Bitmoji to Google keyboard on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and other messenger apps in your android or iOS devices. Also, use Bitmoji to WhatsApp android phone. Follow the below-given step by step process to set up and use Bitmoji in android keyboard.

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How to set up and use Bitmoji in Android keyboard or Gboard keyboard

To get Bitmoji keyboard for android, follow below given complete process.

Step 1: Download Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji app from play store

Step 2: Now install the app in your android devices.

Step 3: Go to settings in your android or Samsung galaxy device

Step 4: Tap System settings

Step 5: Tap Language & input

Step 6: Tap Virtual keyboard under keyboard & input section

Step 7: Tap Manage keyboard

Bitmoji keyboard in android Smartphone

Here you can see the Bitmoji keyboard option in your devices. By default disable Bitmoji keyboard in android.

Step 8: Enable Bitmoji keyboard toggle button

Step 9: Tap OK

Note: After a reboot, this Bitmoji app can’t start until you unlock your phone.

Use Bitmoji keyboard in Google keyboard

Step 10: Turned on Bitmoji keyboard in android

Now finished Bitmoji set up process in your device. Click here to see how to use Bitmoji for Samsung Keyboard or get the Bitmoji keyboard on Android or Samsung. Let see how to use Bitmoji keyboard in android phone or tablet devices.

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How to use Bitmoji in Gboard keyboard or android keyboard

Step 1: Open Facebook or WhatsApp app in your android device

Step 2: Tap contact you want to send Bitmoji stickers

Step 3: Tap & hold the Emoji icon on Google keyboard

How to use Bitmoji in android keyboard

Step 4: Tap Bitmoji icon on the keyboard

Here you can view different types of Bitmoji stickers like as Thank you, Miss u, Emoji, Sad, Birthday and more.

Use Bitmoji in android keyboard

Step 5: Tap Bitmoji Sticker you want to send

Step 6: Tap Send button

You can also quickly switch Gboard keyboard to Bitmoji keyboard in android or iOS devices.

And that’s it. We hope this makes it clear how to set up and use Bitmoji in android keyboard. Did you find the above tutorial helpful? Tell us in below comment box.

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