How to change background theme of Gboard keyboard

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Recently my android nougat 7.0 device gets updated with new settings of change theme of Google’s keyboard background photo. We have already known the process to change keyboard theme on android nougat device.  Using this new feature, you can change background theme of Gboard keyboard or Google new keyboard. It includes 12 different types of landscapes pictures like as nature, sunset, atmosphere and more.

To set Google keyboard background theme on Android device include various 15 colors keyboard themes to set background. You can set Google keypad border on your nougat 7.0 and other device. Also set custom theme on Google keyboard from your device gallery. Follow below given step by step guide to change background theme of Gboard keyboard.

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How to change background theme of Gboard keyboard / Google Keyboard: 12 Landscape photos

change background theme of Gboard keyboard

Follow below given steps:

Step 1: Tap on “Apps” on your android device

Step 2: Go to “Settings

Tap on Languages and input method under personal

Step 3: Under personal section, tap on “Languages & input

Virtual keyboard in android phone

Step 4: Tap on “Virtual keyboard” under Keyboard and input method section

You can show Gboard and Google voice typing options.

Tap on Gboard under virtual keyboard settings in nougat

Step 5: Touch “Gboard

You can change Gboard keyboard language using this setting on your android phone.

Gboard Keyboard theme settings on Nougat

Step 6: Tap on “Theme

You can view different colors themes and 12 new landscapes photos to change Google keyboard background photo on your android phone or tablet device.

Change Google keybaord theme android phone or tablet

Step 7: Tap on “Landscape

Set landscape photo on Google keyboard background theme


You can view 12 different landscapes photos.

Change Gboard Keyboard background theme

Step 8: Select any photo you most like set Gboard keyboard background theme on android device. Your keyboard background looks like above screen.

This set landscape photo on Google keyboard background is looks splendid. You can add custom theme on keyboard from your device gallery photo, camera and other folder. Using Gboard keyboard settings, you can change keyboard language, preferences, text correction, voice typing, glind typing and more. That’s all.

Did you find above steps helpful to change background theme of Gboard keyboard? If you have any question related above steps, let us know below comment box. If you find it useful then don’t forget to share with others.

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