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How to setup SIM card lock android phone

Last Updated on October 24, 2019 by Bestusefultips

Do you want to setup SIM card lock android phone? This SIM card lock settings protect your android device and safe from other user hands. You can setup or change SIM card lock using lock screen and security settings of your android lollipop 5.1.1 and marshmallow 6.0. To enable lock SIM card, require your SIM card by default PIN to unlock and use your SIM card. When you want to lock SIM card, enter your current SIM card PIN and change it.

It’s easy to change the settings of SIM card lock on android phone. If you have entered wrong password three times then your SIM card locked. You must have to enter PUK code to unlock. You can get it from your contact service provider. Follow below given simple steps to setup SIM card lock android phone.

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How to setup SIM card lock android lollipop, marshmallow

Step 1: Open “Apps” from home screen

Step 2: Tap on “Settings” app


Step 3: Scroll down until see lock screen & security and open it

Step 4: At the end of the page, tap on “other security settings” option under security section


Step 5: Tap on “Set up SIM card lock

You can see both of SIM 1 & SIM 2 card lock settings. Tap on any of them want to setup SIM card lock android phone

Step 6: Tap on SIM 1

Step 7: Tap on “Lock SIM card

You can see below screen on your device


Step 8: Enter by default SIM card PIN (Different PIN for different network provider)

You have 3 chances to enter correct PIN.

Step 9: Tap on “OK

Now enable Lock SIM card on your android phone.


Step 10: Tap on “Change SIM card PIN

Step 11: Enter your current SIM card PIN and click on “OK


Step 12: Now enter a new SIM card PIN to set it on your device and tap on “OK

setup SIM card lock android

Step 13: Again enter the new SIM card PIN to confirm it and click on “OK


You can see the message on screen: SIM PIN change successfully.

If you have entered incorrect password three times, your SIM locked which looks like below screen.


Now you have to enter Pin unlock key or PUK code, you can get this code from your network provider.

That’s all. Above you can see the process to setup SIM card lock android phone. Did you find above process helpful? Let us know on below comment box. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends!

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