How to set mobile data limit on Pixel, Pixel XL

Is your Google pixel and pixel XL using a lot of mobile data? Set mobile data limit on Pixel and Pixel XL 7.1.2. In your pixel device, you can see which phone app or system app usage more data using settings. Set up mobile data usage warning & limit and also view Wi-Fi data usage in pixel XL and pixel device. After set mobile data usage limit, turn off mobile data when reaches the limit you set in your device.

You can set data warning or data limit in MB / GB. Also use billing cycle or reset usage cycle date of every month in your pixel phone 7.1.2. You can reduce and manage mobile data usage in pixel phone to enable data saver. In this tutorial, I will show you complete guide to set mobile data limit on pixel and pixel XL device.

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How to set mobile data limit on Pixel & Pixel XL: Mobile data & Wi-Fi

Step 1: Go to “Settings” in your pixel phone

Tap on data usage under wireless & network section in pixel device

Step 2: Under wireless & networks section, tap on “Data usage

Here you can view currently usage mobile data in your pixel phone. Two section available, one is Mobile and another is Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Tap Mobile data usage or Wi-Fi data usage want to set data limit or data warning

See list of apps and its mobile data usage details.

Tap billing cycle under mobile section

Step 4: Tap on “Billing cycle” under mobile to set mobile data limit on pixel 7.1.2

Here you can view set data warning, set data limit and billing cycle options. By default set data warning (2 GB) in pixel device. Tap data warning to change mobile data usage warning in pixel & pixel XL. By default disable set data limit in your pixel (Show below screen).

Enable mobile data limit on Google pixel phone

Step 5: Enable set data limit on pixel

While trying to enable mobile data usage limit in pixel, you can see below screen in your device.

set mobile data usage limit in pixel XL

Step 6: Press “OK” to enable it

Step 7: Tap on “Data limit

set mobile data limit on pixel XL phone

By default in pixel and pixel XL set mobile data limit 5.0 GB. You can set mobile data limit on pixel in GB / MB.

Check Wi-Fi data usage on Google Pixel & Pixel XL:

Wi-Fi data usage on Google pixel and pixel XL phone

Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi data usage

You can enable unrestricted data usage when data saver on in pixel & pixel XL devices.

That’s all about how to set mobile data limit on Pixel & Pixel XL phone. If you have any kind of problem, let us know in below comment section, we would pleasure to help you. Don’t forget to share this article with others.

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