How to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9

Extend battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Oreo 8.1. Galaxy Note 9 has 4000mAh huge battery, so not big issues related battery life. But there are several reasons that consume more battery in your device such as brightness, background running apps, live wallpaper & screen saver, Always on display and more. Let see some possible ways to improve battery life on galaxy Note 9.

One of the most common issues is apps running in the background even we don’t use. Galaxy Note 9 has wireless charger that quickly charge your device. Apply below given different methods to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9.

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How to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9 Oreo 8.1

How to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9

Check out below given 7 different methods to fix battery life problems on galaxy Note 9.

1st Method: Minimize screen time out time & screen brightness

Screen time-out time:

Set screen time-out time as 15 seconds to extend battery life in your device.

Settings > Display > Screen timeout > Choose 15 seconds / 30 Seconds

Screen brightness level:

Set lower screen brightness to increase battery on your Samsung device. Auto brightness is helpful to automatically adjust brightness using lighting conditions.

Settings > Display > Brightness / Auto brightness

2nd Method: Turn off Always on display

It will drain less battery compare to other features. When you get any messages, automatically wake up screen on your device that consuming battery power in your Note 9.

Settings > Lock screen > Always on display

3rd Method: Enable Power saving mode to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9

You’ll use medium power saving mode or maximum power saving mode in galaxy Note 9 to extend battery life up to 22 Hours to 2 days. In galaxy Note 9 power saving mode settings, you can disable background network usage, Always on display, screen resolution and other settings at one place.

Settings > device maintenance > Battery > Max (Maximum power saving mode) / MIN (Minimum power saving mode)

4th Method: Disable app background data Galaxy Note 9

Several apps running on the background that quickly drain battery on your Note 9. Disable unnecessary apps background data.

Settings > Apps > Tap app > data usage > disable background data

5th Method: Remove screensaver if set

If use screen saver on your Samsung Note 9 Oreo, remove it from lock screen to extend battery life. Also remove live wallpaper from your phone.

Settings > Display > Screen saver

6th Method: Enable performance mode Note 9 to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9

It will useful to reduce battery life on galaxy Note 9 to automatically adjust screen display or screen resolutions in your phone. Also change settings for game and entertainment mode to save battery life on Galaxy Note 9.

7th Method: Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other Location services

Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other services while not use in your Samsung Note 9 to save battery life.

End the list of possible solutions to improve battery life on Galaxy Note 9 Oreo. Do you have any other tips you want to share? Let me know in the comment section below.

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