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Fix samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue: How to

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here’s how to fix Samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue. Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Samsung galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 plus device. Some of the common issues are Wi-fi connected but not internet on galaxy S8, Wi-fi not connected, slow wi-fi speed and related problem.

Sometimes problem is in your wireless router that disconnect wi-fi network at some interval time in galaxy S8 device. This Wifi connects but no internet access problem most of all occurs on Windows 10 & Windows 8. But in this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide to fix Samsung galaxy S8 Wifi issue.

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Fix samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue

1st Way: Restart your Samsung galaxy S8 & S8 plus

One of the simple ways to fix Samsung galaxy S8 Wi-Fi issue. Restart your galaxy S8 device and check Wi-Fi working again.

2nd Way: Turn off / on Wi-Fi

Switch off Wi-Fi network on your Samsung galaxy S8 phone, after few minute turn on wi-fi again and check your device connect with Wi-Fi or not.

Turn on Airplane Mode on galaxy S8:

Turn on airplane mode on your galaxy S8 then turn off again.

3rd Way: Check Wi-Fi password correct or not

Make sure Wi-Fi password is correct entered on your galaxy S8 device.

4th Way: Delete Wi-Fi network & add again to fix Samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue

Delete connected Wi-Fi connection from your device and again add Wi-Fi network and try to connect.

Delete Wi-Fi network:

Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap Wi-Fi network name already connected > Forgot

Add Wi-Fi network:

Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap Wi-Fi Network name > Add network > Enter SSID & other details > Save

5th Way: Restart the router to fix galaxy S8 wi-fi connectivity issue

Unplug the router and modem for few minute and plug it again. Check Wi-Fi working or not in your device.

 6th Way: Turn on safe mode on galaxy S8 to fix Samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue

First of all enable safe mode in galaxy S8 device to check any app causing wi-fi issue.

After enable safe mode on Samsung galaxy S8, try connecting to Wi-Fi network, if works fine in safe mode then third party apps causing issue of wi-fi not working on galaxy S8 device. Remove one by one recently downloaded third party app and check wi-fi is working or not.

7th Way: Reset default network on Samsung galaxy S8

Reset default network galaxy S8:

Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi > Settings > Reset default network

If above steps not works then reset all network settings on your android phone.

End the list of possible solutions to fix Samsung galaxy S8 wifi issue. Don’t forget to share which method worked for you to solved Wi-fi connected but not internet on galaxy S8 problem. If you have known other easy trick to fix this issue, please share with us.

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