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How to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update

Several Pixel, Pixel 2 XL users reported Bluetooth connectivity problems after updated android 9 Pie OS. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems is common when update device to latest OS or new launch device. Here’s the possible ways to fix Bluetooth issues after android 9 Pie update.

In Android Pie Bluetooth issues, user facing issues of can’t pair with accessory, can’t make or get calls or Bluetooth accessory isn’t connecting, can’t pair with car and other android Pie Bluetooth problems. Check out below given step by step process to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update.

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How to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update  

After updates Pixel devices to latest android Pie OS, different types of Android 9 Pie common problems occurs such as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth problems, fast charging, camera blank, gesture control issues and more. But here’s the solution to fix android 9 Bluetooth issues.

1st Method: Turn off Bluetooth and on again

Turn off Bluetooth in your Pixel devices. After 20-30 seconds, Bluetooth turn on again and try to pair with other Bluetooth accessories or car accessories.

How to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update

Settings > Connected device > Connection preferences > Bluetooth > Turned on

2nd Method: Make sure your device paired

Make sure your update Android 9 Pie phone is paired with same Bluetooth device you want to connect. If connected but occurs android Pie Bluetooth issues, delete paired device and try again connecting with your device.

Android 9 Pie Bluetooth problem

Settings > Connected device > Connection preferences > Bluetooth > Tap paired device > Settings > Forget

Now reboot your phone and try again to pair with your android 9 Pie.

3rd Method: Can’t pair with car to fix Bluetooth issues after android 9 Pie update

If your Android Pie can’t pair with car or other accessories, clear all connected list from your car’s Bluetooth and your Pixel’s Bluetooth also. After clear all list, refresh the list, and then again try to pair android 9 Pie Bluetooth with car.

Pair settings for car

Car’s Bluetooth > Tap your Pixel’s Bluetooth name > Confirm PIN if asked > Accept

Connect pair with Pixel, Pixel 2 XL

Settings > Connected device > Bluetooth > Three vertical dots (More) > Refresh > Car’s name

If your device can’t pair with accessories, refresh accessory list. If needs a password, try 0000 or 1234 to connect with Bluetooth.

4th Method: Can’t make or get calls on car’s Bluetooth

You can make or receive calls using car’s Bluetooth if connected. If you’re facing Android 9 Bluetooth issues to access calls on car’s Bluetooth, clear car’s Bluetooth pair list and try again to connect.

5th Method: Reset network settings to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update

Fix Bluetooth issues after android 9 Pie update

Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth > Reset settings > Reset settings

It will reset all Pixel 9 Pie device saved password including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data. If you want to use again Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or other connectivity, re-enter password again.

And that’s it. End the list of possible solutions to fix Bluetooth issues after Android 9 Pie update. If you have any kind of trouble, tell us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for latest updates.

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  1. Bluetooth issue with car music playing car DS5. All above tryed. Connection OK no sound. Also the control buttons in the car don’t operate.
    When I go to Bluetooth settings on my note 9 and tap the setting button on my car connection. I got 2 options, 1) call 2) audio.
    Set audio settings off, wait 10s and switch it on solves the problem. I need to do it every time again, which is pretty annoying.

  2. I have a Mi A2 lite and a BMW 320. They paired correctly until I upgrade my phone whit android 9. Now they pair but when I make or receive a phone call, my phone restarts. Any suggestion? Ty

  3. I’ve done all methods you explain and I continue with problems in my bluetooth connection in my Samsung galaxy s9+

  4. I can not make or receive calls on the Hyundai i40 Bluetooth car, I tried the 4th method, but still without success.

  5. I tried all your 5 ways, but the problem was not solved. Phone Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite with Android One, OS Android 9.0, car – Toyota Corolla 2016. The pairing is without problems. But incoming and outgoing calls are not broadcast on the car speakers without additional pressing the keys of the phone and the car. Music is broadcast without problems. What do you advise?
    Maybe I need to change the bluetooth profile instead of the current A2DP?
    There were no problems for previous OS Android 8.1

  6. Hello
    Problem not solved with above scenarios. Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Jaguar FPACE, connection is established but drops two or three times every minute, and after 3 to 5 seconds returns.
    State after 01 March PIE update.

  7. Great suggestions, thank you. I have an addl issue: Using Nokia 9 Pureview Android One Pie. Everytime when Galaxy Gear s3 watch disconnects (out of range), it does not auto-reconnect. When I look at Bluetooth devices it shows “Currently connected Gear S3 (0AE0) but when I click on this device, “CONNECT” is available – I need to tap it to reconnect to the Galaxy Gear s3 watch. I wonder what can be done, if anything, to eliminate this step.
    Any brilliant minds/solutions?

  8. I cannot connect my bluetooth to my 2016 Civic anymore. I was connected a few days ago and then again today except I couldn’t connect via audio. When I click on bluetooth and then audio to turn it on ot switches right back to off.

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