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How to Fix Camera Not Working After Android Pie Update

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

My Google Pixel first generation updated with the Android 9 Pie version. After upgrading to Android Pie facing several issues such as slow charging, the camera keeps stoping, call recording app not working, Gesture control issue and more. But in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to fix camera issues after Android Pie update.

We haven’t faced these types of problems on my Google Pixel 9.0 yet, so it may be possible to not all Pixel users facing this issue. If you have to face any android 9 Pie problems, report on the Pixel user community. Check out below given solutions to fix camera issues after Android 9 update.

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How to Fix Camera Issues After Android 9 Pie Update

You can fix android Pie camera crashes or camera blank issues using below given methods. I hope one of the below ways fix your camera fatal error problem.

Check for system software update

Wait for the system software update for your Google Pixel and other devices. It will fix most of all android Pie issues on your Pixel devices. Follow below settings to check update is available on your phone.

Check for update android Pie 9

Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for update

If available then update your Pixel device to improve your device performance and fix small bugs.

Clear cache camera app to fix camera issues after Android Pie update

Step 1: Go to settings in your Android 9 Pie.

Step 2: Tap apps & notifications.

Step 3: Tap See all apps.

Fix android Pie camera crashes

Step 4: Select a Camera.

Camera blank issues

Step 5: Tap storage.

How to fix camera issues after android Pie update on Pixel

Step 6: Tap clear cache and after tap clear storage.

After clear camera app cache & storage, restart your android Pie 9.0. Now open the camera and check the fix camera issue in your device.

Make sure camera app updated to the latest version

Sometimes if the camera app not updated to the latest version, the camera app not working properly in android 9.0 Pie. So you can face camera crashes or camera blank issues.

Camera app not working properly android Pie

Play store > Three horizontal lines at upper left corner > My apps & games > Update all

If above-given methods can’t fix the camera problem after Android 9 Pie updates, wait until the next system software update for your Pixel devices. It’ll definitely fix this issue.

Check Camera App Permissions

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Tap on Apps & notifications or search Permission on the search bar at top of the screen.

Step 3: Tap on Permission.

Step 4: Tap on Camera.

Step 5: Make sure toggle on Camera.

We hope one of the above-given methods is useful to fix camera issues after android 9 Pie update on Pixel, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 3, 3 XL devices. Do you have any alternative methods? Share with us in below comment box.

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  1. My pixel 2 suddenly had blurry focus/not focusing at all and then camera crash problems with fatal error message popping up at times, but most of the times just crashed with no message.

    I’ve tried everything this and all other guides suggested. and just as I was about to give up on my pixel 2, I tried the weirdest suggestion to turn on screen rotation and rotate my phone everytime it crashed… BOOOM it worked! not 100% of the time, but atleast it got it working! google should check on this if it has any relation to screen rotation.

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