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How to download GIF from Facebook on android

GIF images is the one of the best way to share funny quotes and short animated videos to your friends on social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. We already know steps to send GIF in WhatsApp on android phone. Also download GIF maker apps from Google Play store in your android device. You can save GIF images on android and download GIF from Facebook on android phone.

You can make your own animated GIF, GIF stickers & videos online. Lots of people are using GIF images to share interesting and funny videos with him friends or family members. Now these days millions of GIFs share on social networking sites. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide to download GIF from Facebook on android phone.

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How to download GIF from Facebook on android phone / Google Pixel Oreo

Let see how to save and download GIPHY image on android phone from Facebook and Facebook messenger.

1st Way: Download GIF from Facebook on android device / Google Pixel

Step 1: Log in your Facebook account in your Pixel and other android device

Step 2: Search for GIF image you want to download in your android device

Step 3: Tap on GIF image name at bottom of the GIPHY image

You can view GIF open in new tab.

download GIF from Facebook on android phone

Step 4: Tap on three vertical dots and select open in chrome

Step 5: Press & hold your finger on the GIF until show download GIF options

Downlaod GIF image from facebook on android device

Step 6: Tap on download image to save or download GIF image on your android device

2nd Way: How to save GIPHY image from Facebook messenger on android phone

Step 1: Log in your Facebook messenger app

Step 2: Open GIPHY image wants to save on your android device

Save GIPHY image on Google pixel from facebook

Step 3: Tap & hold on GIF image and tap on Save image from below left side corner

You can view this message on screen: Images saved?

Save GIF image from facebook messenger on android

Step 4: Tap on Yes

After downloaded GIPHY image, you can view Saved Image on screen (Show above screenshot). You can find it in your gallery or Facebook media files folder in android device.

That’s all. Do you know some other tricks to download GIF from Facebook on android phone? Please share with us in below comment box. For more such smart tips, stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter.

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