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10 Best Travel Apps For Android in 2020

Tripadvisor Best Travel Apps For Android

Some type of app you can get for your Android device is the travel planning apps, which are ideal for those international traveling on business tours. The various travel apps for Android in 2020 can help you in a number of different ways like booking flights, travel reservations, great restaurants, …

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Best Free Weather Apps For Android Phones in 2020

Most popular & accurate Android weather apps with amazing widgets in 2020. Using these Android apps for the weather forecast, you can get details of current temperature, humidity, Storm, snow, wind speed, and all other details of weather conditions. You can also search for current weather conditions using the address, cities, and …

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How to transfer SMS from android to PC

This Android SMS transfer software is best for easy to transfer android SMS / Text messages between android smart phone and PC & also useful for backup or transfer SMS from android phone to another android phone faster, safely and less time. This android SMS software also transfer SMS from android to PC in …

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How to Block Incoming Calls Android 10

How to block incoming calls Android 10

Irritated by unknown number text messages and phone calls? Here’s how to block all incoming calls Android 10. You can block texts on android using the phone app. When you block a number on android phone, you won’t get any calls or messages from blocked phone numbers. Also, block calls …

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How to Change Keyboard Language in Android 10

How to change keyboard language in Android 10

Switch language on your Android Keyboard? Here’s how to change the default keyboard language in Android 10. By default set Google keyboard in your Pixel devices. You can change keyboard settings using language and input settings such as keyboard language, keyboard theme, and other keyboard layout. Also quickly switch keyboard …

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How to fix shield TV is not working

shield TV is not working

Here’s how to fix SHIELD TV is not working with android or iOS devices. Users reported constant problems on Shield TV such as microphones on the SHIELD remote doesn’t work, SHIELD TV app not pairing, TV reboot two or more times, SHIELD remote doesn’t show, Shield TV won’t turn on, …

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