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How to Enable and Use Do Not Disturb on Android 9 Pie

How to use Do Not Disturb on android P 9.0

By default turned off Do not disturb mode on all Android devices. Let see how to turn on and use Do Not Disturb on Android Pie 9.0 devices. This Android 9 Pie Do not disturb settings will mute notifications, phone sound & vibration, block visual disturbances, and set other Android …

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How to delete unnecessary files android phone

Do you want to Remove or delete unnecessary files android phone or tablet? You can delete unnecessary data such as residual, cached, junk files, clear internal storage, hidden files and advertisement files to increase data storage capacity on your android phone. In latest lollipop 5.1.1 and marshmallow 6.0 device, you …

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Android Oreo Notifications Settings

Android Oreo notifications settings

How to use Android Oreo notifications settings. You can see notifications settings under apps & notifications sections. You can show or hide lock screen notification, use notification dots, enable override Do not disturb, and disable notification sound on Android Oreo 8.0 devices. Android 8.0 Oreo has several useful notifications features …

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What is Smart Lock Android and How to Use?

What is Smart Lock Android

Do you want to enable and use Smart lock on Android 13, Android 12, Android 11, and Android 10 devices? You can automatically unlock your device using the Google smart lock on your Android phone. The latest Android phone’s smart lock menu supports On-body detection, trusted places, and trusted devices. …

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How to Add Widgets to Android Oreo Home Screen

Use widgets on android Oreo home screen

Here’s how to use widgets on the Android 8.1 home screen. You can quickly add widgets to Android Oreo home screen. Long-press the widget and drop it into the home screen. There are two ways to add widgets on your Android home screen. You can put a clock, weather widget, …

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