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How to Check Screen Time in Android 10

How to check screen time on Android 10

Monitor screen time on Android? Here’s how to check screen time on Android 10. You can manage screen time and set app timer to limit daily usage on android 10 using Digital Wellbeing settings. Android 10 Digital Wellbeing includes Dashboard, Wind down, Do not disturb and newly added Focus mode …

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How to Enable USB Debugging on Android 10

How to turn on USB debugging on Android 10

By default disable USB debugging in your android 10 or other devices. You can turn on USB debugging on Android 10 using developer mode settings. Make sure turn on developer option on Android 10. You can find the USB debugging option under the debugging section in your android Smartphone. When …

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Best Music Apps For Android Wear 2023

Here you can download free Android Wear apps 2023 for music that is best for a control volume, voice command, searching or browsing playlists, rating songs or music, downloading music, managing media files, song title & artist details, and other music-related information. All these music apps for Android Wear 2023 …

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How to Disable Display Over Other Apps on Android Oreo

Disable display over other apps on android Oreo 8.0

Here’s how to enable or disable display over other apps on Android Oreo 8.0. Android Oreo has several amazing features and one of them we introduce here is Display over other apps. This allowed the applications to display a notification on top of other apps. Also, show a new notification …

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How to Backup My Apps With Data Android 10

How to backup data in Android 10

Want to backup your android phone or Android backup to PC? Here’s how to backup and restore data in Android 10. By default enable back up to Google drive in your android 10 and other devices. You can individually enable or disable backup android phones for App data, Call history, …

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