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Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android 2020

Looking for the best location tracking apps for Android phone or tablet? You have obviously seen lots of android apps that can track a phone through its GPS location. If your phone is stolen then you can easily track your phone using GPS tracking apps 2020 and this is also used to share location with your family and friends. If you are in danger so you can share your location in a GPS location tracking app to share anyone and they are tracking your location and find you easily. Also, track friends or family member’s location, car location tracking, running, walking, biking, hiking, and other real-time location using GPS. You can track real-time phone location address to find your lost android phone or tablet device.

GPS mobile tracking is not a new technology. It has been in the market for a while. Some parent is worried about their children because they are never saying truly where they are going and parents are worried about them and they can never restrict them so this application can be used to track the location of them. You can easily track android devices using GPS trackers.

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Top Best Free GPS Tracker Apps For Android Phone in 2020

However, day by day there are lots of apps that take the next level by adding so many more features. This can make it confusing for one to choose their favorite GPS location tracking app. This is why I will give you the 10 best location tracking apps for Android.

Maps – Navigation App

Maps Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Google Maps is predominantly winning the crown of being the best GPS tracking location apps for Android users of this generation. Not only does it make navigation and location finding easier and faster, but it also helps you discover the best destinations and locality and gives unmistakably accurate information you need to reach the desired location. Google map is the most popular and best Google provided GPS location tracking app.


Waze Best Location Tracking App

Waze Live Navigation App For Android

Being the world’s largest community-based traffic and location tracking, navigation app, Waze stands out among the crowd of GPS tracking apps for Android in 2020. It offers navigation enabled with a voice guide and lives maps location that is consistently updated by Waze community map editors.


Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps App

Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps App For Android

It is also the most popular GPS tracking application android app. It is enriched with offline usability. This application can help you to find the shortest destination path to going anywhere. You can also use this app to share your location with your friends and family.


Family Locator Best GPS Tracker App For Android

Family Locator GPS Tracker App For Android

In this app, you can be connected with your family using GPS location tracking. Users can find the location of the family members added on the map and stay connected with them instantly. This application mostly uses when you are lost anywhere your phone and your GPS location on with this app you can easily find your phone and if your kid is also missing and you can track their phone so you can also you to tacker them location and find them.


Phone Tracking App Using your Phone Number

Phone Tracker App for Android

This application is most popular to track your phone using your mobile number. GPS location Tracker can be used to view the exact location of your family and friends. Its device track and gets you a real-time location to find a lost Android phone. GPS tracking application can be used for crime people police can track mobile phones using mobile numbers.


Find my phone

Find my phone app for android phone or tablet

This android app tracks your device real-time location and finds you’re lost, missing, or stolen android phone or tablet device. You can also use the android device manager to find a lost phone and unlock the android phone if forgot PIN or pattern lock. You will see a PIN on the map showing your phone location.


MapMyRunGPS running

Map My Run GPS tracking app for android phone

This is the #1 perfect android app to track all activity locations including walking, cycling, running, gym workout, racing, and more. Also useful to lose weight to set training schedules and fitness tracker tips. You can save your daily route path, find nearby places to run, and audio feedback on every GPS tracker activity you set. It connects and imports data from over 400+ top fitness apps and devices such as android wear, Google Fit, MyFitness pal, Fitbit, and more. This is one of the best GPS tracker apps for android devices.


GEO Tracker App

Geo Tracker App For Android

This application can be connected a people within Google map with locations. In this application, you can create a group of your closer member and shared your location into a group if you forgot and if your phone has been stolen then you or your family can track your location. This application can be used if you go anywhere and you can not feel comfortable so you can share your location in the group and your family member find you this your location and help you.


End the list of top best GPS tracker apps for android phone or tablet. If you have known other useful android apps for GPS tracking, please share it with us.

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