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Android Q features Beta 1

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Google launched Android Q Beta 1 for Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices. This Android Q features Beta 1 improve privacy settings, app location permissions, accent color, body font style, record video and more. You can download and install android Q Beta 1 using OTA update or manually flash Android Q Beta on Pixel using download a system image.

Google has released the first developer preview beta version of upcoming Android Q 10 version. Android Q Beta is available now for all Pixel devices. Android Q Beta 1 has five hidden changes you want to know. Check out below given top five Android Q features Beta 1 for all pixel devices.

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Top 5 best android Q Features Beta 1 for all Pixels

Android Q 10 use system wise dark mode with improve privacy settings, location access, foldable technology, sharing shortcuts, accent color and more. Let see Android Q Beta 1 features for all Pixel devices.

Change app location permission on Android Q 10

You can control app location permission in your android 10 Q. By default set allowed app location, allowed only while is use and denied app location. Change anytime app permission you want in your device using below given settings.

Android Q features Beta

Settings > Location > App permission > Select app you want to change > Choose Allow all the time / Allow only while the app is in use / Deny

Also use below given settings to change app permission on Android 10 Q devices.

Settings > Privacy > App permissions > Select from list > Select app > Choose from Allow / Deny

Change accent color in Android Q Developer preview Beta 1

By default set Android Q accent color as device default (Blue). You can change accent color in Android 10 Q from black / green / purple. It will change color on notification panel icon, settings icon, media volume and other settings. Make sure turn on developer mode on Android Q to change default accent color.

Android Q Beta accent color change

Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Theming section at the end of the page > Accent color > Black / Green / Purple

Change body font style in Android Q 10

You can change default font style in Android Q 10 using hidden developer mode settings. Set android Q font style Noto Serif / Source Sans Pro in your device.

Android Q Beta 1 font style change

Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Theming section at the end of the page > Headline / Body font > Device default / Noto Serif / Source Sans Pro

Record a video screen in Android Q 10

Record a video screen in Android Q 10

This is one the most interesting android Q Features. Android Q Beta 1 support native screen recording, so you can screen recording in Android 10 Q using below given settings. Make sure enable developer mode in your android Q 10 devices.

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Easily Sharing

Android Q developer preview beta 1 allows users to quickly share the content into one app to another app. This Android Q feature useful to faster sharing process in your device. Also you can direct share Wi-Fi to scan the QR code with another device to join with your Wi-Fi network.

End the list of top best android Q Features Beta 1 for all Pixels. Do you know any other useful android Q beta features we missed above? Share with us in below comment box.

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