WiFi Is Connected But No Internet Access Android Phone

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Annoying by WiFi connected but not working internet android phone? My android phone connected to a Wi-Fi network but not open any website or browse other internet services. There are few reasons to not access the Internet on your android phone such as check your router Internet connection, change DNS on android, WiFi is turned on or off, the Password is correct or not and other simple reasons.

To check it, first of all, try your home Internet Wi-Fi to another computer/laptop/smartphone if access to the internet service on other devices means your android phone has something wrong. Here are the few tricks for that fix WiFi connected but not working Internet android phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, LG, Motorola, HTC and other Android phones.

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WiFi Connected But Not Working Internet Android Phone

Check out below-given troubleshooting methods to Fix Android connect to Wi-Fi but no internet issues.

Resetting The Router

Switch off your router for 1-2 minutes or unplug the router cable from wall outlet. Plug the cable and power on your router and check the fix issue. Also, try to update the firmware on your router and reboot your modem and router.

Enable or Disable Wi-Fi Network

Turn off the Wi-Fi network for 35-40 seconds and turn it on again. Now try to connect your device with Wi-Fi.

Forgot WiFi password & Reconnect Wi-Fi again

Most of all using this tricks your android lollipop & KitKat device start again the access internet service.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your android device.

Tap on WiFi under connection settings

Step 2: Under connections, tap on Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Tap and hold on the “network name” you have used.

Tap on Forget network

Step 4: Tap on Forget network.

Step 5: Now restart your android device

Step 6: Select a Wi-Fi network and enter a password to connect

This trick solved the Wi-Fi connection problem on my android lollipop 5.1.1 device (Samsung Galaxy J7).

Reset Network Settings on Android phone

It will reset all your phone networks including Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth paired and Mobile data.

Apps > Settings > Backup and reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings > Reset settings

Airplane Mode

Check on your android phone “Airplane Mode” is not enabled, if enable then disable it

Use static IP instead of DHCP

If your android lollipop device (5.1.1) shows the error of “obtaining IP address” the try this

Step 1: Open “Settings”

Step 2: Tap on “Wi-Fi”

Step 3: Tap and hold the “Network name” use

Tap on Manage network settings

Step 4: Click on “Manage network settings”

Step 5: Tick mark the checkbox of “Show advanced options”

Use Static IP address on android

Step 6: Tap on “IP settings” and click on “Static”

WiFi connected but not working Internet android phone


You can see the above screen on your android device. Now enter all detail of the network you want to use and tap on “Save”.

Use Advanced settings of Wi-Fi

Step 1: Open “Settings”

Step 2: Under connection settings, tap on “Wi-Fi”

Tap on more form top right corner

Step 3: Tap on “More” from top of the right side corner

Tap on advanced option

Step 4: Click on “Advanced”

Step 5: Check the Wi-Fi on or off on your android device

Update android device

Make sure your Android device updated with the latest versions.

If none of the above-given methods worked for you, you need to perform a factory reset your android device. It will remove all your phone data so make sure backed up important data before the factory reset the android phone.

That’s all. I hope the above-given tricks will help you to fix the problem of WiFi connected but not working Internet android phones. If you have any concerns regarding the above methods, feel free to share with us in below comment box.

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