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How to take a picture with voice command on LG V30

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Camera is the one of the most important part of any smart phones. In LG V30 devices, you can capture several types of photos such as slow motion, time lapse, 360 panorama, cinematic video, wide angle photo and more. But in this tutorial, I will show you step by step process to take a picture with voice command on LG V30.

In LG V30 device, you’ll take a photo by saying Smile, Cheese, Kimchi, Whisky or LG. To take a photo with a voice command on LG V30, enable cheese shutter in LG V30 under camera settings. Also use HDR mode for combines multiple photos taken at different exposures. Other included LG V30 camera options are steady recording, covered lens, tag locations and more. Follow below given complete guide to take a picture with voice command on LG V30.

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How to take a picture with voice command on LG V30

How to take a picture with voice command on LG V30

Step 1: Open camera app in your LG V30 device

Step 2: Tap on settings gear icon at top left side corner

Here you’ll see HDR, timer, cheese shutter, steady recording for reduce motion blur in videos, covered lens and other settings. By default disable cheese shutter in your LG V30 device.

Step 3: Turn on toggle button of cheese shutter to take photo with voice control or command

Now just say Cheese, smile, kimchi, Whisky or LG to capture a photo in your LG V30 device.

In LG V30 device, you’ll also taking a selfie with auto shot or Gesture shot.

Taking a selfi with auto shot:

Camera will detect your face and automatically capture a photo.

Taking a selfi with Gesture shot:

First of all change settings from auto to gesture shot in your LG V30 using below settings.

Settings gear icon > Selfi > Gesture shot

Now open camera and hold your hand in front of the camera to take selfi with gesture shot.

You’ll also see several camera modes in your LG V30 camera settings including snap shot, match shot, cinematic video, Grid shot, Guide shot, Food, snap movie, popout, 360 Panorama and more.

And that’s all about LG V30 Camera tips. Did you find above article helpful to take a picture with voice command on LG V30? Do you have any other LG V30 tips? Share with us in below comment box. Check out our other best LG V30 tips.

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