How to Set a Dual SIM Android Phone

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Do u know how to set up your dual SIM android phone? If not then don’t worry, we can help you to manage dual SIM on android phone including mobile data, roaming, set default SIM, activate dual SIM and more settings. You can set SIM preferences, Automatic SIM selection, Personal SIM and primary SIM. Also, set up SIM card preferences manually or using settings menu.

Different android device has slightly different settings to manage SIM card mobile data, set default SIM, enable/disable SIM card and more. Also, change the SIM name & color using SIM card settings. You can use a dual SIM controller app or android dual SIM manager to manage the SIM card. In this tutorial, I will show you all the details of manage dual SIM android nougat 7.0 (Moto G4 Plus) devices.

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How to Manage Dual SIM Card on Android Nougat 7.0, Marshmallow 6.0 and Lollipop 5.1.1

Below you can see the android dual SIM settings in your nougat 7.0 (Moto G4 plus) and other devices.

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.

Step 2: Under the wireless & network section, tap “SIM cards”.

Here you can see below two sections in your moto G4 plus (Nougat 7.0) and other Samsung smart dual SIM settings.

Manage SIM Capabilities

Manage SIM capabilities in android phone

It includes usage profile, connection priority and Automatic SIM selection for call settings in your device. It’s easy to manage dual SIM android nougat and marshmallow device.

Usage Profile

Here you can see how to set up your dual SIM phone that helps you to manage data, costs, calls, texts and other settings. Choose the SIM card that most use for data, SMS, and calls in your android phone or tablet. You can customize SIM cards to change the SIM name and SIM color to easily identify it. Also, choose a personal SIM & Work SIM.

Connection Priority

SIM connection priority as data or voice

You can choose connection priority from Data or voice.

Automatic SIM Selection

When enabling automatic SIM selection in android device, whenever you call or message it will ask you for which SIM card used to call or message.

Preferred SIM

This section includes settings of cellular data, calls and SMS messages.

How to manage dual SIM android 7.0 nougat

Cellular data: Select a SIM card for mobile data network

Set SIM call settings when calling someone

Call: Select SIM for outgoing calls or set “ask every time” also so when calling someone then ask you to which SIM card use.

SMS: Select SIM card to use send messages

How to Change SIM Card Name and SIM Card Color in Android Nougat 7.0 (Moto G4 plus)

How to change SIM name and color in android nougat

Settings > Wireless & networks > SIM cards > Tap SIM slot 1 / SIM slot 2 > Enter SIM name & select color want to change > OK

Enable/Disable SIM Card Android Nougat 7.0 and Marshmallow 6.0

How to disable SIM card android 7.0 nougat

Settings > Wireless & networks > SIM cards > by default enable both SIM card > turn off toggle button of SIM want to disable SIM

Change SIM Name and Color on Android 10, 9 Pie

You can set or change the default SIM name and choose SIM color from Teal/Blue/Indigo/Purple/Pink/Red using the below-given network and internet settings.

Settings > Network & internet > Mobile Network > Pencil icon > Enter name and choose SIM color > Save

That’s all. End the list of all details to manage dual SIM android phone SIM. If you find something forgotten about the SIM card settings that are important, please share it with us. Share this article with your friends if you found it helpful.

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