How to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL

Annoying by crackling sound or low calls quality on Google Pixel 3a XL? Here’s how to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a Pie 9.0. Different types of audio issues occur such as call dropping, no media sound, can’t hear sound, speakerphone or Mic issues in your Google Pixel devices. Have you been ever facing this type of issues?

Not every Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a device will face this issue. Poor network signal is also reason for low call quality sound in your device. Try below given possible solutions to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL Pie 9.0.

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How to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a

First of all restart your Pixel 3a XL to long press power button and tap restart. After restart your device, check Pixel 3a XL volume issue fix.

1st Method: Check your Pixel 3a XL volume is full

How to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL

Make sure phone volume or media volume is full in your Google Pixel 3a XL & Pixel 3a.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Tap Sound

You can adjust volume settings on Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3a. Make sure call volume, media volume and other sound full.

2nd Method: Poor network signal to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL

When you’re device network signal poor, you can’t hear voice on phone calls. To fix low call quality issues, you need to find nearby place that good network strength. Also try to turn on Airplane mode and after 10 second turn it off. Now check network available in your Pixel 3a XL.

3rd Method: Check Microphone or Wired headset not damage

If use earphone or put your device on speaker while phone calls and facing sound issue on Pixel 3a XL & Pixel 3a, check below.

Microphone: Make sure nothing is in front of microphone that occur issue of poor sound call quality on Pixel 3a XL device.

Wired headset: Check earphone properly inserted into the headset jack. Also check if Pixel 3a XL case or cover causing this speakerphone issues.

If none of the above given method fix low call volume on Pixel 3a XL, wait until next system software update available in your device. You can manually check for software update on Pixel 3a XL using below given settings.

Settings > System > Advanced > System update < Check for update

End the list of possible solutions to fix volume problem on Pixel 3a XL. Have you been experiencing this issue on your Pixel device? Let us know in the below comments if you have any more tips! Don’t Miss out to check Pixel 3a & 3a XL tips and tricks on YouTube on my channel.

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