How to Add Widgets to Home Screen OnePlus 9 Pro

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Do you want to add a widget to home screen on your OnePlus 9 Pro? Here’s how to add widgets to home screen OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 10, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9RT. Different types of widgets are available like Calendar, Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Gmail, Drive, etc. You can easily add or remove widgets you like to long-press specific widgets from the list.

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How to Add Widgets to Home Screen on OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, 9RT

How to Add Widgets to Home Screen OnePlus 9 Pro

Step 1: Tap and hold the blank area of the home screen.

Their options are available here including wallpaper, widgets, and home settings.

Step 2: Tap on Widgets.

You can see a list of widgets categories here.

Step 3: Scroll down and long-press the widget & drag it to move the home screen.

Now, use widgets on your OnePlus Oxygen OS device.

How to Remove Widgets from Home Screen OnePlus 9 Pro, 9RT, 9

Long press the widget and drag it to Remove icon at the top middle of the screen or Tap & hold widget and tap on Remove on the screen.

How to Add a Clock (Widget) to Home Screen on OnePlus 9 Series: Oxygen OS

Step 1: Long press on the blank space on the home screen.

Step 2: Tap Widgets.

You can see analog and digital clock style in your OnePlus devices.

Step 3: Scroll down until the clock widget shows. Now, long-press the clock style and move it to the home screen.

How to Change Ambient Display Clock Style on OnePlus 9 Pro, 9RT, 9

Step 1: Swipe down the notification panel at the top and tap on the Settings icon.

Step 2: Tap on the Personalizations.

Step 3: Tap on Clock on Ambient display.

Step 4: Select the clock style you want to set.

Step 5: Tap on Save.

Now, lock your phone and tap on the screen once to view changes on Ambient display clock style.

And that’s all. Do you still have any questions about add widgets to home screen OnePlus 9 Pro? Tell us in below comment box.

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  1. One plus 9 . Mi-a disparut un widget (din doua) folosit pentru apelare rapida a unei persoane din agenda Nu reusesc sa gasesc la categiria widgeturi ,cel dedicat persoanelor din agenda desi in urma cu cateva luni acesta exista
    Deci mi-a dispărut widgetul de pe ecran dar și din zona in care se gasesc diversificat Categoria agenda nu mai exista .Am acces la : ceas,Alexa,Avast,Bunăstare digitală, Bussines calendar etc.
    Ma puteti ajuta?
    Va Multumesc mult, Marcel Ionescu, Craiova

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