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How to enable trusted voice in Google assistant

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Recently my moto G4 plus device updated marshmallow to android nougat 7.0. In android nougat 7.0 devices has great features including split screen mode, Google Assistant, doze mode, battery saver mode and more. By default turning off trusted voice in nougat devices. You can enable trusted voice in Google Assistant settings. When your device updated nougat, first of all enable Google Assistant in your device.

This trusted voice feature is useful to unlock your device when your voice match with OK Google voice model. After recording your voice when you say Ok Google, it will automatically recognizes your voice and unlock your android device. Some of the user’s issue of Google’s trusted voice turning off automatically or wrong voice detected. But you don’t worry, just follow below given step by step guide to enable trusted voice in Google Assistant.

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How to enable trusted voice in Google Assistant android Nougat 7.0

Before enable trusted voice, enable Google Assistant in nougat device if disable. Unlock your android phone using this trusted voice feature of Google Assistant. Below you can see how to set up OK Google as trusted voice in android 7.0 nougat.

Step 1: Touch & hold home button to launch “Google Assistant” in Moto G4 plus and other device

Google Assistant Settings nougat 7.0 device

Step 2: Tap “Three vertical lines” & touch “Select

You can see Google Assistant settings in your nougat devices.

Tap OK Google detection under settings

Step 3: Tap “OK Googledetection, under adjust settings for this device

By default, disable say “OK Google” any time in your device.

Step 4: Enable “OK Google”

Recording OK Google three time to recognize your vocie

You can see the screen that says to record “OK Google” three times to recognize your voice when device is unlocked.  Speak “OK Google” three times to record your voice. When completed, you can see this message: Turn on trusted voice (See below screen).

Turn on trusted voice in Google Assistant

Step 5: Tap “Done

First of all enable say “OK Google” in your device after that you can enable trusted voice in Google assistant.

Enable say OK Google any time in nougat device

Step 6: Enable “OK Google” any time

Now this time disable trusted voice feature in your device. Before enable trusted voice, Google Assistant unable to unlock your android device.

Step 7: Enable “Trusted voice”

You can see message of: “OK Google” trusted voice

OK Google trusted voice settings in android nougat

Step 8: Tap “OK” to enable it

This Google Assistant trusted voice feature is less secure compare to pattern lock or password. If any other person is similar voice or recording of your voice could unlock your device easily.

enable trusted voice in Google Assistant

Step 9: Turn on Trusted voice in nougat 7.0

That’s all about trusted voice feature of Google Assistant.

OK Google voice model settings in android 7.0 nougat

In OK Google detection settings, you can see OK Google voice model also. In this voice model, you can retrain voice model and delete voice model from your android device. If you delete voice model, it will be permanently deleted. After use “OK Google”, you will need to retrain voice model to recognize your voice.

2nd Method: Enable trusted voice in Google Assistant (Moto G4 plus)

Google Assistant settings in android 7.0 nougat phone

Swipe left your Moto G4 plus screen > Menu > Settings > Google Assistant > Settings > OK Google detection > Enable say “OK Google” any time > Enable trusted voice

Do let us know above given tips to enable trusted voice in Google Assistant helpful to you. If you have any kind of trouble, let us know below comment box. For more such smart tips, stay connected with us via Twitter and Facebook.

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