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How to Turn On Continued Conversation For Google Assistant Android

Last Updated on September 16, 2020 by Bestusefultips

Google assistant added a new useful feature called Continue Conversation. Let see how to enable or turn on continued conversation for Google Assistant Android. When we conversion with Google assistant, every time saying OK Google for attention. But this new Google assistant Continue Conversations feature is helpful to say Ok Google at once at the starting time when access Google assistant in your Android devices or Google Home. After staring at a conversation, you can talk normally and if you no longer speak, it’ll automatically end the conversation. You don’t need to say Ok Google or Hey Google again to talk with the assistant. You can use the Continue Conversations feature in your Google Home, Home Max, and Home Mini also.

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How to Enable Continued Conversation For Google Assistant Android Phone

Step 1: Long press the home button in your Android devices to access Google assistant (Show below screenshot).

Launch Google assistant in android smartphones

Step 2: Tap the Blue icon at a screen (See above screenshot).

How to enable Google home continue conversation

Step 3: Tap Three vertical dots (Menu) at the upper right corner.

Google Assistant settings in android smartphone

Step 4: Select Settings.

Preferences settings in Google Assistant android smartphone

Step 5: Tap Preferences under the account section.

Enable continue conversations for Google assistant in android

Step 6: Tap Continue conversation.

Here you’ll change the voice of Google Assistant in your Android device or Google Home. By default turned off the continue conversation feature in your devices.

How to enable continue conversations for Google assistant in android

Step 7: Toggle on the Continue Conversation button.

It’s quite easy to enable Google assistant’s continued conversation feature.

How to Enable Google Home Continue Conversation

You’ll activate this new Google assistant feature on your Google Home to launch Google assistant settings.

Long pressing home button > Explore menu > Three vertical dots > Settings > Preferences > Continue conversation

And that’s all. We hope this tutorial helpful to enable continue conversations for Google assistant android devices. If you have any questions, tell us in below comment box.

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