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How to enable assistant menu android marshmallow

Trick to enable assistant menu android lollipop (5.1.1) and marshmallow (android 6.0) device. Using assistant menu feature, you can enable functions to improve your android phone accessibility for users with reduced dexterity. Also set your daily use options will be shown in the menu and reorder them. Change touchpad size, cursor size and curser speed also.

When turn on assistant menu on android phone, you can see small screen that include menu including recent apps, home screen, back, notification panel, cursor, volume, lock, screen shots, easy pinch zoom, device options and menu settings. You can enable assistant plus feature to show contextual menu options for selected application. Follow below given step by step guide to enable assistant menu android phone such as Samsung galaxy S6 & S6 edge, Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3, android nougat, Galaxy Note 4 / 3, Galaxy Tab S etc.

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Simple steps of: How to enable assistant menu android marshmallow

Step 1: Open “Settings” app on your smartphone

You can see various options.

Accessibility settings on phone

Step 2: Scroll down until see “Accessibility” options and open it.

You can see various sections.

Dexterity and interraction settings under accessibility

Step 3: Tap on “Dexetrity and interaction” under categories section

Assistant menu under dexterity & interaction settings

Step 4: Tap on “Assistant menu

Disable assistant menu on android phone

By default disable assistant menu on your android phone.

enable assistant menu android

Step 5: Enable it on your device

Open Assistant menu on android

Step 6: Tap on “Assistant Menu” symbol

Assistant Menu settings android phone

You can see various options to set directly using assistant menu such as home screen, notification panel, screen shots, device options and more. Now change touchpad and curson size & speed settings on your android smartphone.

Assistant Plus settings android phone

This assistant menu option also includes other feature which is by default turn off “Assistant plus” feature in your device. To enable assistant plus, you must enable assistant menu feature on android phone.

Step 7: EnableAssistant plus

That’s all.

Above you can see steps to enable assistant menu android marshmallow device. Did you find it helpful? Let us know on below comment box, woulsd be pleasure to help you.

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