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How to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings

Want to change default keyboard languages & type, keyboard layout and other Note 9 keyboard settings? Here’s how to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings. By default set Samsung keyboard as default in your device. Also change keyboard layout, smart typing, enable/disable pen detection and reset default settings if you want.

We already discussed about change language on Galaxy Note 9. Changing the keyboard language on Note 9 is not changing phone language. You can change Samsung keyboard settings on Note 9 Oreo under language & input section under general management settings. Follow below given step by step process to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings.

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How to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings

How to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings

Let see one by one Samsung galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings.

Step 1: Swipe down notification shade and tap Settings gear icon

Step 2: Scroll down and tap General management

Step 3: Tap Language and input under Language & time section

In galaxy Note 9 language & input settings, you can see language, default keyboard, on screen keyboard, show keyboard button, autofill services, text-to-speech and other settings.

Step 4: Tap On-screen keyboard under Keyboards sub heading

Step 5: Tap Samsung keyboard

Here you can see languages & types, smart typing, keyboard layout & feedback, Pen detection and reset to default settings in your Samsung galaxy Note 9.

Languages & types:

Change keyboard language and type on your galaxy Note 9 phone.

Smart typing:

In this Note 9 keyboard setting, you can see Predictive text, Auto replace, Text shortcuts, auto spell check, auto capitalize, auto spacing, auto punctuate and keyboard swipe controls.

Keyboard layout and feedback:

Change keyboard theme, enable/disable keyboard toolbar & high contrast keyboard. Galaxy note 9 keyboard size and layout settings for set the display size and show or hide number keys and alternative characters. Also customize symbol to show pop-up when you touch & hold the period or comma key on the QWERTY keyboard on galaxy Note 9.

And that’s all. I hope this article helpful to customize Galaxy Note 9 keyboard settings. If we missed Note 9 keyboard settings, share with us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for latest updates. Don’t forget to share with others if you found it helpful.

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