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How to Activate and Use S Pen Settings on Galaxy Note 8

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Galaxy Note 8 has several awesome features but one of my favorite and we discuss here is how to use S Pen on Note 8. Using this Note 8 S Pen feature, you can write text messages, draw pictures, make animated GIFs, and other entertainment. There are several S Pen settings available in your galaxy Note 8 device. Let see how to adjust and change S Pen settings on Galaxy Note 8 devices.

In galaxy Note 8 S Pen settings, you can see Air view, direct pen input, screen off memo, pointer for changing the tip on my S Pen, floating icon for show Air command Note 8, and another galaxy Note 8 S Pen button tips. Follow the below-given step by process to change S Pen settings on Galaxy Note 8/Note 5.

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How to Change S Pen Settings on Galaxy Note 8

How to change S Pen settings on Galaxy Note 8

Step 1: Go to Settings in your galaxy Note 8.

Step 2: Tap on Advanced features.

Step 3: Tap on S Pen.

You can see below given four sections in your galaxy Note 8. Check out Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen tips.

  1. General

In the General section, there are four settings available to change S Pen settings on Galaxy Note 8.

Air view:

Enable/disable Air view on your Note 8. It will provide info about photos & texts when you S Pen is hovering. Also, see your task and calendar events also. Feel S Pen sensitivity Note 8 with touch lighter than air. Just enable Air view on galaxy Note 8 and move S Pen near to screen for a soft touch.

Direct Pen input:

Whenever filing details on your Note 8, transfer keyboard to S Pen when turning on direct Pen input.


When enabling pointer in your Note 8, a pointer appears on the screen when S Pen is hovering. Do you have any tips to change the tip on S Pen Note 8?

Screen off Memo: You’ll write notes on your device.

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  1. AIR Command


Add or remove apps from home screen S Pen shortcuts.

Floating icon:

Turn off the floating icon on Note 8 if you don’t want to show S Pen on the home screen.

  1. Removal

When S Pen is removed:

In this setting, you can select from open-air command/create note/do nothing.


It will use to find lost S Pen Note 8. If you forgot to put your S Pen back, sound an alarm if set.

Power saver:

Save note 8 battery power when your S Pen is on your phone.

  1. Feedback


Play sound when you insert or remove S Pen or write on the screen.


Vibrate your Galaxy Note 8 when insert or remove the S Pen.

That’s all about Galaxy Note 8 S Pen tips. Several users reported Note 8 S Pen not working or Note 8 S Pen stuck? Have you been ever facing this type of issue in your galaxy Note 8? Contact near Samsung store and Galaxy Note 8 S Pen replacement on Amazon online.

Are you using the S Pen feature on your Galaxy Note 8? We’re curious to hear how you’ve change S Pen settings on Galaxy Note 8. Have any questions? We invite you to leave your feedback in below comment section.

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