Best PDF Reader Apps For Android 2020

Find the best pdf reader for android phones or tablets. Let see the list of best free apps for pdf reader for 2020 that useful to open & read any files as a document from the web, email, and more. You can also edit, highlight & underline text, automatic formatting …

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How to change WhatsApp number android

Update or change WhatsApp number android phone or tablet device? Changing your phone number will migrate your WhatsApp account details, info, groups and other settings. WhatsApp easily find contacts from your device address book and automatically add to WhatsApp contact. You can use only one account on android phone or …

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How to turn off app notifications on android

Here is the complete guide of how to turn off app notifications on Android devices. These all unnecessary app notification drains your mobile’s battery, slowly operate a phone and take more time to open the app. If you are tired from unnecessary application notifications on your android phones or android tablets …

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