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Best Free Pedometer Apps For Android 2020

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here’s the list of 5 best health & fitness tracking Android pedometer apps 2020 for tracks your every step and also count calories burn. You can track daily activity, count steps, walking & running distance, calculate the speed and status of all your daily, monthly, and yearly activities.

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Check out the below given top best pedometer apps for Android devices.

Pedometer For Health and Weight Loss

Pedometer For Health and Weight Loss

You can track your daily or real-time activity including distance, steps, calories, and boost exercise by using GPS for outdoor activity. You can also track your weight and BMI.


  • Auto-sync steps & calories
  • Easy to use for any smartphone
  • Create healthy habits


Pedometer – Step Counter

Best Free Pedometer Apps For Android

This is best to track your walked steps, calories burned, distance, walking time, and speed of hour. You can also view a graph with all the steps and other daily activities information details. If you have found errors in the step or track recorded then please adjust the sensitivity.


  • Get a specific time or date
  • Various themes available
  • Accurate app


Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer App For Android

You can track your distance, steps, calories, lap, body weight, and walking time. Also, get chart details of daily, weekly, monthly & yearly, and complete tracking details.


  • Edit step count
  • Backup customization
  • Intelligent 3D motion algorithm
  • Motivate to walk


Pedometer & Fitness Tracker app

Fitness tracker and sleep tracker App For Android

This is best for a track you’re walking & running distance, heart rate, sleep, calories burned, weight, and more. This fitness and pedometer app for Android is #1 best for a track you diet and healthy.


  • Route tracker
  • Depth analysis
  • Easy to share



Best Pedometer App For Android phone

You can track your walking distance, calories burned and all steps of daily, weekly, and yearly. It also includes a hardware step detection sensor for battery consumption. This app is one of the best battery consumption android apps.


  • DashClock Extension widget for show progress
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and easy to use


Above you can download best android pedometer apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Which of the above android apps for pedometer would you prefer most to tracks your daily activities? If you have known other best pedometer apps for android then please comment below.

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