Best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus

Samsung launched galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 plus flagship. Samsung galaxy Note 10 has 4 cameras and galaxy Note 10+ has 5 cameras including 10MP selfie camera, 12MP wide angle camera, 16MP ultra wide camera, 12MP telephoto camera and depthvision camera. This tutorial show you top best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus.

Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus record video bokeh with blur background, hi motion video without the motion stickers, shoot 4K UHD and more. Click here to check Samsung Note 10 plus’s S pen tips and tricks that added new Air action gestures. But in this tutorial, I’ll show you best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus.

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Best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus and Note 10 One UI

Best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus

Let see how to use Samsung Note 10 plus camera settings. Samsung Note 10+ camera includes photo, live focus, video, live focus video, super slow-mo video, hyperlapse, Night, Panorama and Pro.

Live focus video

You can record artistic videos with adjustable depths of focus. Also shoots epic videos with special effect of background blur with bokeh.

Super slow-mo

Capture the action in your videos using super slow-motion video. Change front & rear video size in Note 10 plus using below given settings.

Camera > Settings gear icon > Videos > Rear video size & front video size


Use this setting to set the exposure, shutter sound, color tone, and ISO sensitivity manually. Take control of your pictures.


Take bright pictures even in very dark conditions. Hold your phone steady while taking night shots Note 10+


Capture changes that happen slowly in smooth time-lapse videos.

Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus camera settings

You can change camera settings on galaxy Note 10 plus and note 10 using below given settings.

Step 1: Open camera in your Samsung Note 10 plus

Step 2: Tap Settings gear icon

Below given top best galaxy Note 10 camera settings available in your device.

Scene optimizer

It will useful to recognize subjects up to 30 such as face, sunrise, person, food, scenery, flowers and more. Use Bixby to automatically optimize your shots for the scene. Enable scene optimizer in Samsung Note 10+ using below settings.

Camera > Settings icon > Intelligent features > Scene optimiser

Motion photos

Record a short clip of what happens before each picture. Enable it to sue galaxy Note 10 plus camera.

Hold shutter button to

By default when hold shutter button, you’re phone take a burst shot. You can choose also from take a picture or create GIF.

Rear video size

By default set video size on Note 10+ as 16.9 FHD (1920×1080). Change video resolution on Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus from UHD (60 fps) 3840×2160, UHD 3840×2160, FHD (60 fps) 1920×1080, FHD 1920×1080, HD (1280×720), full (2288×1080) and 1:1 (1440×1440).

Front video size

Change front video resolution on galaxy Note 10+ from UHD 3840×2160, FHD 1920×1080, HD 1280×720, full (2288×1080) and 1:1 (1440×1440).

Advanced recording options

In advanced recording settings, you can record videos in HEVC format to save space, match the mic zoom to the camera zoom and recording rear-camera videos in HDR10+ in Samsung Note 10+.

Tracking auto focus

Keep the camera focused on the selected subject even if they move.

Camera modes

Set the default camera mode, reorder your modes, and hide the ones you don’t use such as Food, Night, Panorama, Pro, Live focus video, Super slow-mo and more.

Shooting methods

You can use volume key to take picture or record video, zoom and change system volume. You can take a picture using voice control on galaxy Note 10 plus to just saying Smile, Cheese, Capture, or Shoot, or record videos by saying record video. Add an extra shutter button you can move anywhere on the screen. Show your palm to the camera to take a selfie.

And that’s it. Let me know what you think about best camera settings for Galaxy Note 10 plus and Note 10. Let us know your thoughts in the below comments box.

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