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How to upload music to the cloud from PC or MAC

Last Updated on November 2, 2019 by Bestusefultips

Transfer or upload music to the cloud from your PC or Mac devices. You can upload up to 50,000 songs to the cloud from your library using Google play music. Also upload music from amazon music store on your library. There are various ways to upload music from cloud such as Google play music, Windows media player, iTunes music, Amazon music, Microsoft one drive, music folder of your PC or laptop device etc.

You can upload songs online using website and download songs for listening offline on your device. These all methods are best to collect your favorite music online and listening it from any smart device. Follow below given methods to upload music to the cloud from computer or Mac device.

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3 different methods to upload music to the cloud from computer or Mac device

1st Method: Google Play music

upload music to the cloud

This is the completely free service to upload 50,000 songs to the cloud and operate them anywhere.

To upload music to the cloud, first of all install the music manager application on your PC or laptop device.

Step 1: Open and click upload music

Step 2: Tap download music manager and follow the instruction of screen

Now upload your favorite music to library so anytime you can listen it from anywhere.

Step 3: After uploaded songs to cloud library, open

On your android phone or tablet device “play music” app to listening songs.

Stream songs or download them to your phone so you can listen when you’re device in an airplane mode or disable internet connection on your android phone or tablet device.

2nd Method: Amazon music

Amazon music app for web or Mac

Amazon music is great to transfer songs from your PC to amazon music. After uploaded music to amazon music website, you can listen music from anywhere. In amazon music only 250 songs free upload, after you will pay for the upload music to cloud.

First of all install Amazon music app on your device or Go to amazon music for web. You can download amazon music for PC and MAC using this. In amazon prime members get unlimited access songs for free. It will play, manage and download your music. After launch amazon music for PC or MAC, it will automatically add your Amazon, Windows media player and iTunes music.

3rd Method: iTunes Match

Using iTunes match, you can upload music to cloud and it ideal to work with iTunes Mac and iTunes for Windows and other apple music app. Its limit is up to 100,000 songs. You can also use Apple music app on your smartphone.

Did you find the above process helpful to upload music to the cloud form PC or Mac device? If you have any kind of trouble, let us know on below comment box. If known other simple ways to upload music to library then share with us.

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