How to use S Pen on Galaxy Note 9

Samsung galaxy Note 9 flagship phone mainly focus on the S-Pen stylus and gaming. This Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is most important feature than any other. Here’s how to enable and use S Pen on galaxy Note 9 Oreo 8.1 device. One of the best S Pen function is support Bluetooth so you can operate your Note 9 easily from other nearby places. Samsung will launch S Pen SDK (Software development kit) in September month.

Other important Samsung galaxy Note 9 features including Fornite Game access, Super AMOLED screen, massive 4000mAh battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, faster wireless charging and more.

This Samsung Note 9 S Pen stylus is useful to play or pause music, take a photo without touch your Note 9, open app, unlock your device remotely, create note and more. You can see four different types color S Pen including Yellow S-Pen (Ocean Blue), Black S-Pen, Purple S-Pen and Copper S-Pen. You can change S Pen settings on galaxy Note 9 under advanced feature settings. Let see how to enable and use S Pen on Galaxy Note 9.

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How to use S Pen on Galaxy Note 9 Oreo 8.1

How to use S Pen on Galaxy Note 9 Oreo

The S Pen support Bluetooth connectivity with low-energy and fast capacitor. You can fully charge your galaxy Note 9 S Pen for 40 seconds to place S Pen into the holder on your phone. Also use S Pen as remote control for presentations (Slideshow), writing & drawing on applications, capture group photos and more. Let see how to change galaxy Note 9 S Pen settings.

Step 1: Swipe down notification panel and tap Settings gear icon

Step 2: Tap Advanced features

Step 3: Tap S Pen

Here you can set up S Pen on galaxy Note 9. Let see one by one galaxy Note 9 S Pen settings.

  1. General

In General section, you can see four S Pen settings for Note 9.

Air view:

This setting is useful to get details about photos & texts when your S Pen is hovering. Also see calendar & task events. You can feel Note 9 S Pen sensitivity to touch lighter than air. Just turn on Air view on galaxy Note 9 and move S Pen near to screen for soft touch.

Direct Pen input:

Whenever fill up forms on your Samsung Note 9, transfer keyboard to S Pen when activate direct Pen input.


Show a pointer when you hover your S Pen over the screen in your phone.

  1. AIR Command


You can create note, view all notes, smart select, screen write, live message, translate text and PENUP.

Floating icon:

Turn off floating icon on Note 9 if you don’t want to show S Pen on home screen. You can move S Pen around the screen.

  1. Removal

When S Pen is removed:

When S Pen is removed, open air command in your device. You can select from open air command/ create note/do nothing.


It will helpful to find lost S Pen. If you forgot to inserting your S Pen, sound an alarm if set.

Power saver:

Save battery power by not trying to detect your S Pen while it’s in your phone.

  1. Feedback


Play sound when you insert or remove S Pen or write on the screen.


Vibrate your Galaxy Note 9 when insert or remove the S Pen.

And that’s it. We hope this makes it clear how to use S Pen on Galaxy Note 9 Oreo 8.1. If you have any kind of trouble, tell us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for latest updates.

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