How to use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera

OnePlus 5T has several camera tips but in this tutorial I will show you how to use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera. In OnePlus 5/OnePlus 5T camera Pro mode, you can adjust Histogram, save RAW photos, shoot straight photos, picture information, save specific preset and other settings. This OnePlus 5T camera setting is perfect for Adjust focal point, exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and more in your device.

There are many camera modes available in OnePlus 5T such as Portrait, Slow motion video, time-lapse mode, Panorama and more. To focus on the photo, just rotating the onscreen wheel you want to set camera settings. You can also take photos by holding your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the back side of your OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 5 device. Follow below given step by step process to use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera.

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How to use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera

Use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera

Step 1: Open the camera or double tap the power button to quickly launch camera in your OnePlus 5T

Step 2: Swipe up screen from the bottom to open shooting modes

List of several shooting options is view.

Step 3: Tap on Pro mode

Here you can adjust settings of ISO, shutter speed, focal point and more. In OnePlus 5T camera Pro mode settings, you can see below given settings.

Histogram: By default enable this option. It will prevent someone from the screen for photo. To disable Histogram, go back in to OnePlus 5T camera settings and turn off toggle button.

Horizontal reference line: By default you will see line in middle of screen when open Pro mode in your device. It is useful for shoot straight and neat photo. Turn off toggle button of “Horizontal reference line” in your device.

Save custom settings: In OnePlus 5T pro mode camera settings, you can save custom preset by tap on the letter C on the top of the screen. Now you’ll see two options, one is C1 and another is C2. Tap any one you want to use in your device.

Save RAW images: Tap on RAW button on the top of the screen in Pro mode. It will save RAW photos in your device.

And that’s all. Did you find above tips to use Pro mode in OnePlus 5T camera is helpful? If you find it helpful, don’t forget to share with others. Stay connected with us for daily latest android tips and tricks.

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