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Best Quiz Games For Android Wear

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here, you can download the most popular android wear games for quiz including number quiz, logical game, cube quiz, math puzzle, and other interesting android wear quiz games. Using these Android wear quiz games, you can improve concentration, math skills, sharpen your brain, and more.

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Best Android Wear Games For Quiz

Check out the below-given fun quiz game for Android Wear.

Rail Maze 2: Train Puzzler

Rail Maze 2 Android Wear Quiz Game

In this puzzle game, you have practice 100+ amazing unique puzzles with numerous numbers of online levels. You can play this puzzle or quiz game on PIRATES and GHOSTS rails and avoid steam & lava. This is one of the best mind-challenging games for a quiz.


  • 3 different environments
  • Unlimited levels
  • Share with friends


Math it: Logic Game

Math it Android Wear Quiz Game

This fun math game is best to solve equations quickly and the minimum time to get good points. In this logic game, you have only 3 lives after the game is over.


  • Improve mathematics skills
  • Train your brain


15 Puzzle for SW 2

Best Quiz Games For Android Wear

This game for android wear is a simple moving puzzle game. In this game, you can move a tile to the free space by touching the tile into a blank place. You can move the tile until 15 numbers arrange in sequence.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple game


TetroCrate 3D

TetroCrate 3D Android Wear Quiz Game

This is best for touch & drags the blocks to the chessboard on suitable space and completes the lines of the full brick. You can improve the score for multiple blasted brick lines. This puzzle or quiz game is one of the best addictive android wear games for the quiz.


  • Classic 3D game
  • Fun & addictive
  • Works awesome on android wear
  • #1 customer reviews


Above you can get the best Android wear games for the quiz. Which of the above android wear quiz games would you like most? If you have known other popular quiz games for Android wear then please share it with us in below comment box.

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