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7 Best Educational Games For Kids in 2020

Last Updated on July 11, 2020 by Bestusefultips

Top best 7 free learning Android educational games for kids/children of every age. These all kid’s educational games for Android in 2020 are best to learn math, puzzle game, alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, different shapes, animal sounds, and other educational subjects fun way. Also, useful to improve kid’s skills such as abstract thinking, visual, motor skills & spatial vision, color recognition, memory power, logic, concentration, etc.

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Top 7 Free Kids Educational Games For Android Phone

Check out below given the best educational Android games for Kids/Children.

Educational games for Kids

Best Educational Games For Kids Android

12 educational games available for children of all ages. This app includes 100+ animals & their sounds, puzzles with fun images, relation matches, and more. It will improve Kids/Children’s concentration, improve skills in memory, etc. You can draw objects and make a painting or picture. Also, set the difficulty level and increase the complexity.


ABC Kids Educational Game For Android

ABC Kids Educational Game For Android

This app is used to trace and identify letters, letters shapes, sounds, and matching alphabets. Ideal Android educational game for toddlers, kids, and preschool age child. Also, includes ABC letter tracing games, letter matching, phonics games, and more.


Kids Educational Game

Kids Educational Game For Android

This app contains 12 different games for kids/children including numbers & letters, animal name & sound, 100+ words, paint & colors, distinguish shapes, and more. This is #1 best kids educational games for android phones or tablets to improve kid’s memory power, logic, and concentration.


Kids English Vocabulary

Kids English Vocabulary App For Android

This kid’s English vocabulary app for an android device is best to learn 100+ English word spell & read, 100+ flashcards, and other extensive vocabulary words with images of animals, vegetables, and fruits. This android app is one of the best apps to learn English words and alphabet.


Alphabet & Numbers – 123s ABCs Kids Handwriting

ABCs kids educational games

This kid’s educational app contains 26 Zaner-Bloser styled uppercase letters, 0-9 Zaner-Bloser style numbers, and various fun shapes with multiple thicknesses. Perfect android app to learn fun way numbers and shapes for kids or children.


Logic and Spatial Intelligence for kids: 3-7 years

Logic Game For Kids

This logic and spatial intelligence game for kids contains 4 fun bundles that develop kids’ logic, spatial intelligence, cognitive operations, and other brain or memory power functions. Also useful to improve concentration on puzzle games like Sudoku & Rhythm and solving the logical puzzles of math. This is one of the best kids educational games for android devices to higher IQ.


Kids Math and Numbers 123

Kids Math and Number App For Android

This math game for kids or children contains 8 different games including matching numbers, tracing & writing numbers, find missing numbers & arrange, connecting dots from picture, grouping animals counting, and other fun math games. Best kids math app to learn numbers in a fun way.


Are you looking for the Kids educational games for Android phones to learn a fun way? Then you should download this best Android educational game for kids.

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