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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus FRP Bypass

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Bestusefultips

FRP is built inside all the latest Android devices and is a data security feature that guards against unauthorized access. Even after you do your phone factory reset, you can no longer log into the last Gmail account recently used on your smartphone. You will have to look for other possible ways to unlock it. It is easy for Samsung device users to unlock their phones even with Android due to the UnlockGo (Android) tool. Your phone is essential; do not try any other steps before checking out their features and disadvantages and confirming that they will work with your specific phone.

There are many steps available online, and following them. You will get into problems if you take any action wrong. If you do not even try them, your device’s software will be badly affected, and you’ll have to purchase another Samsung Galaxy Note  10 PlusIf you cannot open your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus home screen, remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP). If you execute a Master Reset on your phone without first removing your Google account, the FRP will be instantly activated.  As soon as you are informed of the Google account and password created on your device, you won’t experience any problems, even if that is the case. The FRP won’t prevent you from using your phone; you only have to reboot the mobile using that login.

This is the way Google will secure your Android phone. You will be immediately locked out of your smartphone, however, if you are going to use another account. Some Galaxy Note 10 plus users accidentally initiated the FRP and are now looking for ways to FRP bypass Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Note 10, Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, and Note 5 devices.

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Method to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus FRP Bypass

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus FRP Bypass

It is meant to be extremely challenging to remove FRP from your mobile device, yet it is achievable. If you’ve encountered issues and don’t know how to update the firmware on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus phone like this, you should visit the service centre near you with your proof of purchase of a Samsung device, where a technician can fix it. But, for those who are knowledgeable of how these things function, follow these steps:

Remove Google Lock from Samsung Note 10 Plus with Odin

Download ODIN on your PC

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus combination ROM files.

USB drivers are properly downloaded and Installed.

Make use of a Cable.

Step 1: Transfer the Combination ROM to the new destination after installation.

Step 2: Install the latest version of Odin Tool and Samsung USB Drivers on your Computer.

Step 3: By consecutively clicking on the Power+ Bixby+ Volume Down keys, you can start your Galaxy 10 Plus in Odin or Download Mode.

Step 4: To open the FRP bypass tool Odin, as immediately as you see a blue or green display, click the Volume Up key.

Step 5: Start the Odin Tool, then use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to your Computer.

Step 6: As your device has connected, COM will start showing up immediately by ID in blue.

Step 7: Browse the AP file stored in the Combination ROM folder by choosing the AP tab.

Set all of the files below as necessary.

BL: choose file BL_xxxxx

CP: select file CP_xxxxx

CSC: select file CSC_xxx_xxx_xxxxxx

Step 8: To continue installing the combination ROM on your device, click Start.

Step 9: A final process phase is confirmed if you see a green Pass notification.

How to Bypass FRP in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Without PC

You can FRP bypass Samsung by following the below method without a computer or firmware, but it may bother you, so pay close attention and take your steps wisely. 

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung Note 10 Plus after connecting to the WiFi Network.

Step 2: To get the keyboard music, go to the screen where you can confirm your identity and click the Email or Phone area.

Step 3: Select the GIF icon from the top menu of your Keyboard.

Step 4: Open Galaxy Play Store.

Step 5: “I have read all of the above” must be selected, so tap Agree.

Step 6: You may find search terms for the Samsung web browser by choosing the search box in the upper right corner of the screen and typing Samsung Internet here.

Step 7: Select the Samsung Internet browser after selecting the exact search function.

Step 8: Upon choosing the Download button, start the Samsung browser on your smartphone by clicking the Open mark once the download is finished.

Step 9: You can now access your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which has been locked with FRP, by pressing the Menu button in the bottom right corner, selecting Settings, and then typing the FRP bypass code.

Step 10: Choose About Samsung Internet by moving the cursor.

Step 11: Enter PIN Windows in the search field after clicking Access and selecting the Search icon on the top-right side.

Step 12: When PIN Windows comes in the search queries, click on it. Then, scroll down and choose the option to activate PIN Windows.

Step 13: Now turn it on. To open and choose a PIN, use the screen lock type.

Step 14: Type in the PIN 1234 (4 digits), then tap Verify.

Step 15: Enter PIN 1234 again and select OK.

Step 16: You now have a PIN code to bypassFRP on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Step 17: Press the Volume Down and Power full access, then select Restart and restart your smartphone.

Step 18: Complete the setup process by establishing a Wi-Fi connection to bypass FRP on your phone. Enter the pre-setup PIN from the previous steps if the screen asks for a PIN.


Therefore, if you are technically proficient, you could use Odin or skip the PC method, but remember that longer processes take more energy and time. You can’t be that at home with any of these ways because they each have restrictions and needs.


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