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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth Not Working

Connect Samsung Note 10 to car Bluetooth or other accessories but can’t connect? Here’s how to fix Bluetooth issues on Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. Different Bluetooth issues occur such as Bluetooth won’t pair, can’t pair with a car or other Bluetooth speakers and more. Several users facing Bluetooth randomly turned off and won’t turn back on the problem. Also use phone calls, media audio, and contact sharing while you’re Note 10 connect with Bluetooth speaker or car’s speaker. When you buy a new phone, users are facing the issue of WiFi or Bluetooth not working android devices.

We use Bluetooth to share data between your phone to other devices or PC or cars. When Bluetooth is turned on, your device can communicate with other nearby Bluetooth devices.  Follow below given different troubleshooting methods to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues.

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How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Issue on Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

How to fix Samsung galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues

Annoying by Bluetooth won’t pair with Samsung Note 10 plus issues? Apply below given possible methods to fix Note 10 Bluetooth issues.

Turn off Bluetooth and then on

Turned off Bluetooth device for 1 minute, now turn on again and try to connect with other Bluetooth devices.

Settings > Connection > Bluetooth > activate OR Swipe down notification panel from top of the screen > Tap Bluetooth icon

Now try to connect and check to fix Note 10+ Bluetooth issue.

Clear Bluetooth App Cache on Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

You will try to clear the cache of the Bluetooth app in galaxy Note 10 using apps settings. It will remove temporary app data from your device.

Settings > Apps > See all apps > Three vertical dots (More) at upper right corner > Show system > Bluetooth > Storage > Clear cache

If clear cache can’t fix the problem, clear storage or clear the data in Note 10+.

Check Connected Pair to fix Bluetooth issues Galaxy Note 10+

Make sure you’re device paired with the same device you want. If connected but Bluetooth not pairing on Samsung Note 10 plus, clear connected paired and add it again.

Settings > Connection > Bluetooth > Select Paired device > Settings > Forget

Wait 1-2 minutes and turn on Bluetooth and try to connect Note 10 and 10+.

Resetting all the Bluetooth Paired in the car to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth can’t pair with car accessories issues. Clear all paired from your car’s Bluetooth list and phone’s Bluetooth. After clear all Bluetooth options, refresh the list, then try pair Samsung Note 10 Bluetooth with a car or other Bluetooth speakers.

Connect pair phone

Settings > Connection > Bluetooth > Three vertical dots (More) > Refresh > Car’s name

Note 10 plus pair to my car Bluetooth

Open car’s Bluetooth > Phone’s Bluetooth name > Confirm PIN if asked > Accept 

If you need to enter a password, try 1234 or 0000 to connect with your galaxy device.

Reset Network Settings Samsung Note 10+

It will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth paired and mobile data connection from your Samsung galaxy.

Settings app > General Management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings > Reset settings

Now restart your device and try to pair with other devices or car’s Bluetooth and check to fix galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth connectivity issues.

I hope one of the above-given solutions worked for you. If you have any handy tricks to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues, hit the comments and let us know!

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