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How To Fix Pixel 2 Won’t Turn On/Won’t Charge

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here’s how to fix Pixel 2 won’t turn on or won’t charge issues after the Android Pie update. Several Pixel users reported Pixel 2 XL shot down unexpectedly and won’t turn back on. Every time I tried turning it on, a red light flashed. Now, when it’s plugged in the charger and I try to turn it on, nothing shows up, but when it’s unplugged from cable and I try to power it on, the red light flashes again.

You can check for hardware or software related issues. Also, check for the malfunctioning motherboard issue. If none of the methods worked for you to fix Google Pixel 2 died and won’t turn back on the issue, need to “RMA” because of manufacturer defect. Check out below given troubleshooting guides to fix Pixel 2 won’t power on or won’t turn on issues.


How to fix Pixel 2 won’t turn on or won’t charge issue

How to fix Pixel 2 won’t turn on or won’t charge

If you Google Pixel not turning on, apply below possible methods to fix issues.

1st Method: Use volume & power button combination

Hold the power and volume down buttons for 30-40 seconds until vibrate your device and showing Google logo.

Try to hold down all 3 buttons for a very long time, after a few cycles you can see Google screen and ready to charge your Pixel devices.

Pressing the volume down and power until battery icon flashes, then continued to tap the volume down button when the battery LED splash screen appeared. When showing a red light stayed on long enough to boot your device Google Pixel 2.

2nd Method: Charging the Pixel with original charger

You will try to charging your device with the original charger and cable and then pressing the volume down & power combo for 20-25 seconds to saw the Google logo.

3rd Method: Complete discharge phone to fix Google Pixel 2 died and won’t turn back on

Wait until only show the no battery graphic in your Pixel device. Then, press the power & volume button until vibrate your phone, and show the no battery. Keep doing until draining the battery completely or no power on your Pixel 2/2 XL. Plugged the OEM charger back and see fix issue.

4th Method: Charge using Laptop

Tyr to charge on a C to C cable via your laptop though, a fast charge maybe fixes your problem.

5th Method: Need to RMA process to fix Pixel 2 won’t turn on or switch on

If none of the above methods worked, their only solution is RMA for motherboard failure. You need to contact Google support and replace your phone. After a chat with Google, you can receive a replacement and you’ll get a new Pixel device without issue.

And that’s all. Do you know any alternative methods to fix Pixel 2 won’t turn on or not switching on issues? Share with us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.

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