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How to Fix Not Receiving Texts in Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3

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Not receiving texts in Google Pixel? Feeling frustrated? Some people are facing this issue because they cannot send a text to someone from their google pixel phone. This seems a severe issue if someone is facing a problem with Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3. You don’t need to worry about it in this article, you will get a permanent solution to fix the issue. The issue may be because of a poor network signal or some software problem, or maybe some settings in your phone.

After the system update, many people reported the issue of not receiving texts in Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3. If you have transferred your phone from your iPhone to a Pixel device and forgot to deactivate iMessage, you will also face an issue with your Google pixel device. So if you are currently not using your iPhone, you can deregister from iMessage by entering your mobile number. You can switch texting from iMessage to Android. Below is the solution for you to solve the issue of not receiving text in Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3.

How to Fix Not Receiving Text Google Pixel and MMS Issue

If you are frustrated, try the below method to fix the problem.

Restart you Pixel

Long-press the power button to view the power menu and tap on Restart to reboot your Pixel. Now, send or receive a message and check to fix the issue.

Make Sure Enable SMS on your Pixel

Step 1: Open the Google Messages app on your Pixel.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner.

Step 3: Tap on Message settings.

Step 4: Tap on Notifications.

Step 5: Tap on Behaviour, sound, and more.

Fix Pixel 3 Not Sending Texts Messages and MMS issue

Step 6: Make sure to toggle on Incoming messages.

Turn Airplane Mode On & Off

How to Fix Google Pixel Not Sending Texts Messages

Swipe down the notification panel twice and tap on Aeroplane mode in the quick settings tile to enable it. After 5-10 seconds, again tap on it to disable it. Now, open the messages app and try sending SMS on your Pixels.

Remove SIM and Re-insert SIM to Fix Not Receiving Texts in Google Pixel

Check properly inserted SIM cards in your device. Remove your SIM card & restart your Pixel. After restarting the device, reinsert the SIM card again. It may be helpful to fix the can’t send or receive a text on Pixel.

Clear the Messages App Cache on Pixel

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Pixel.

Step 2: Tap on Apps.

Step 3: Tap on See all apps.

Step 4: Select the Messages app.

Step 5: Tap on Storage and cache.

Clear the cache of messaging app on Pixel 3 Pie

Step 6: Tap on Clear cache.

Now restart your device and check if Google Pixel 3 receives text messages.

Clear Messages App Data: Settings > Apps > See all apps > Messages > Storage & cache > Clear data > OK

Poor Network Signal

Make sure your Google Pixel is a good network signal. Search nearby places with good networks, so you can easily send or receive a text. If there is a poor network signal, it will delay sending SMS or MMS or sometimes fail to deliver messages.

Reset Pixel Network Settings

It will reset all network settings, including Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. So if any Google Pixel 3 network-related issue, it will solve after performing the below-given settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Pixel.

Step 2: Tap on System.

Step 3: Tap on Reset options.

You can see Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth, Reset app preferences and erase all data (Factory reset) options.

Fix Pixel 3 not receiving texts messages and MMS

Step 4: Tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Reset settings to fix not receiving text issue Pixel 3

Step 5: Tap on Reset settings.

Enter your device lock screen password to continue the process.

Reset network settings to fix Pixel 3 SMS issues

Step 6: Tap again to Reset settings.

Now, wait until you reset the network settings on your Google Pixel devices. Try sending or receiving text or group messages to other Android devices.

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Enable Safe Mode on Google Pixel

Step 1: Long press the power button until you see the Power menu on your Pixel devices.

Step 2: Touch and hold the Power off button until you see Reboot to safe mode.

Step 3: Press OK to reboot safe mode on Pixel.

It will take 20-30 seconds to reboot your device.

Step 4: You can see the Safe mode symbol at the bottom left corner.

Now check your Pixel phone to send or receive text messages. If you can send a text message, it means any third-party apps are causing this problem. Delete the one by one recently downloaded apps and after the app is deleted, check to fix the issue.

If none of the above methods fix Google Pixel not receiving texts or MMS issues, factory reset the Pixel device.

Factory Reset to Fix Not Receiving Texts in Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3

Make sure to back up important data to your PC or another device. It will reset all phone settings and remove all your phone data, including Google accounts, internal storage, and other information.

Step 1: Swipe down the notification panel twice at the top of the screen and tap on Settings.

Step 2: Tap the System at the end of the page.

Step 3: Tap on Advanced.

Step 4: Tap on Reset options.

How to fix Pixel 3 not receiving texts messages

Step 5: Tap on Erase all data (Factory reset).

Step 6: Tap on Reset phone.

Step 7: Confirm your PIN, pattern lock, or password to continue the process.

Step 8: Tap on Erase everything.

Wait until you remove all your Google Pixel 3 data. Now try to send messages and check fix problems or not. If you still face these SMS or MMS issues, hard reset your Pixel using recovery mode.

Contact your Carrier

If you still face this issue, contact your carrier support to check if there is a carrier or SIM-related problem in your Google Pixels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Enable SMS in Google Pixels?

How to Fix Pixel 3 Not Receive Texts Messages

Ensure all incoming message notifications on your Pixels to get all SMS. Long-press the Google Messages app > Tap i icon > Notifications > Toggle on Incoming messages to enable SMS.

Why is Message Not Working on Pixel?

There are several reasons for SMS not working on Pixel, like missing app updates or the Messages app crashing or freezing issues. To fix this, you need to check for an app update to Play store > Profile icon at the top right > Manage apps & device > See details > Update.

How to Fix Not Receiving Text Messages on Google Pixel 4 XL

To clear cache for messages app, go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > Messages > Storage and cache > Clear cache.

Why is My Google Phone Not Getting Text Messages?

One of the main reasons for not getting text messages on your Google Pixel is the poor network connection. Also, check Aeroplane mode is turned off on your Pixel to activate all network-related activities. Check if individual contact-related problems receive an SMS.

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Above are all the possible ways to fix Google Pixel 4 XL/4/3 XL/3 for sending and receiving texts. Mention in the comment section which method works best for you.

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