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How to clear WhatsApp data in android lollipop

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps than any other chat or message apps on social media like Twitter, Skype, etc. Using this android app, you can send and receive unlimited messages with photos, videos and it’s clean user interface made popular. If you have limited storage on your android mobile then you need to clear WhatsApp data in android. These tips for clear WhatsApp chats or data in android are perfect for the latest android lollipop 5.1.1. devices and also useful for KitKat 4.2.

You can delete WhatsApp data like photos, videos, audio individually from your android phones using file manager. But if you want to clear WhatsApp data in the android phone instantly then follow below given steps.

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How to Clear WhatsApp data in Android phone or tablet

Below you can see two methods to delete all WhatsApp data in android phones and tablets within a few minutes.

1st Way: Clear WhatsApp data in android using Settings

Step 1: Open “WhatsApp”

Tap on more option

Step 2: In the right side corner click on the “more” option

Choose settings on WhatsApp

Step 3: Choose “Settings”

Tap on Chats and Calls

Step 4: Tap on “Chats and Calls”

Tap on Chat History on android

Step 5: Tap on “Chat history”

How to clear WhatsApp data in android

Step 6: Tap on “Clear all chats”

Step 7: After step 6, you can see below message on your phone screen

Are you sure you want to clear messages in All chats?

clear WhatsApp data in android

Step 8: Tap on “OK” to remove or clear WhatsApp data in android device

Now, all your contacts WhatsApp chat data including photos, videos, and audio files are removed from your WhatsApp chat history.

2st Way: Delete WhatsApp data in android using File Manager

Step 1: Open “My files” on your devices

Step 2: Tap on “Device Storage”

Tap on WhatsApp in File Manager

Step 3: Tap on “WhatsApp”

Tap On Media files on WhatsApp

Step 4: Tap on “Media”

Tap any option to remove WhatsApp data on android

After that, you can see the above screen on your device. Now select whatever you want to delete from WhatsApp media files such as WhatsApp Images, WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Video, WhatsApp Profile Photos, etc. Using the above steps you can easily clear WhatsApp data in android using your storage device settings.

Above you can see perfect steps to clear WhatsApp data in android mobiles and tablets. If you have any questions or queries, please post them in the comment section below.

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