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How to Hide or Turn Off WhatsApp Last Seen on Android

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Want to hide online on WhatsApp? WhatsApp allows every user to view other’s people last seen timestamp, profile photo, and status. You can disable or hide last seen on WhatsApp Android devices using WhatsApp privacy settings. If you don’t share your last seen time, profile photo & status on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen, updated status, and profile picture on your device. You can’t hide last seen on WhatsApp for one person on your Android or iPhone devices. But, you can show or hide WhatsApp status for individual people.

Using WhatsApp you can show if your friend is online or last WhatsApp seen time. If you don’t want your friend to know your WhatsApp last online time then follow the below-given steps.

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How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp Android

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Tap On More Option Right Corner



Step 2: Tap on Three vertical dots (More) at the top right corner.

choose setting option

Step 3: Choose “Settings”.

Tap On Account Option

Step 4: Tap on “Account”.

Tap On Privacy

Step 5: Tap on “Privacy”.

Tap on Last Seen on WhatsApp

Step 6: Tap on “Last Seen”. By default “Everyone” is selected on all android devices.

You can see the below given three options.

  • Everyone: All WhatsApp contacts see your WhatsApp last online time.
  • My Contacts: Only your WhatsApp contacts view your last seen.
  • Nobody: No one can see your WhatsApp last seen.

How to hide last seen on WhatsApp in android


Step 7: Choose “Nobody” options to hide last seen on WhatsApp in your Android phone.

After choosing the “Nobody” option, you can’t view other users last seen on your android mobile. If you want to show other users last seen then you must choose with “everyone” options.

How to Show or Hide WhatsApp Profile Photo on Android

Disable Profile Photo on WhatsApp

WhatsApp > More > Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile photo > Choose from Everyone/My contacts/Noboldy

How to Show or Hide WhatsApp Status From Individual Contacts on Android

You can hide a status from individual contacts on your Android devices.

How to Show or Hide WhatsApp Status From Individual Contacts on Android

WhatsApp > More > Settings > Account > Privacy > Status > Choose from My contacts/My contacts exception (Select contacts want to Hide status)/Only share with (Share status with this selected contacts only)

I hope this makes it clear how to show or hide WhatsApp last seen on your Android devices. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates. Don’t forget to check out our other WhatsApp tips and tricks.

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