Fix Google pixel not responding: How to

Annoying from Google pixel & pixel XL not responding? You’re Google Pixel & pixel XL phone is unresponsive or freezing. While your Google pixel phone is slow, it’s irritated to operate phone such as open apps or search in browser and other device related works. One of the simple solutions you will first try is reboot your pixel device and check fix Google pixel not responding issue or not.

Using below given solutions, you can also solve other pixel problems such as Ok Google isn’t working on pixel, touch screen not working pixel, Ok Google voice command not working pixel, black screen problem on pixel and more. Check out each one listed below methods to fix Google pixel not responding problem.

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4 tricky ways to fix Google pixel not responding: Pixel XL

fix Google pixel not responding      

1st Way: Restart your pixel & pixel XL

Press & hole the power button and tap on “Restart” to reboot your device. After restart pixel, check fix issue or not.

2nd Way: Check system software update available

It will fixes critical bugs and improve you pixel performance. Try to downloading update using Wi-Fi, so easily update your pixel device.

Settings > System > About phone > System updates > check for update

3rd Way: Check third party app causing issue to fix Google pixel not responding

To check any downloaded apps causing this issue, first of all turn on safe mode on pixel & pixel XL device.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button on your pixel

Step 2: Tap & hold “Power off” button until show “Reboot to safe mode

Step 3: Press “OK” to reboot safe mode on pixel & pixel XL

Turn on Safe mode Google pixel & pixel XL device

Step 4: View “Safe modesymbol on below left side screen

Now check your Google pixel phone is working perfect or not. If not found any issue, it means any third party apps causing this issues. Remove one by one recently downloaded third party apps and find app that causing issue. Delete it from your device.

4th Way: Factory data reset your Google pixel & pixel XL

It will delete all your phone information, music, photos, accounts, downloaded apps etc. Before reset your Google pixel device, back up you android phone data.

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Under personal section, tap on “Backup & reset

Step 3: Tap on “Factory data reset

Step 4: Select “Reset Phone

Factory reset your Google pixel & pixel XL

Step 5: Select “Erase everything

If above given ways not fix Google pixel and pixel XL is not responding problem, clear cache partition on Google pixel and pixel XL phone.

End the list of possible solutions to fix Google pixel not responding. If you have known other trick, please share with us in below comment section. Don’t forget to mention which method worked for you?

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