Error transfer data to pixel phone: How to fix

Transfer files between android to Pixel phone and iPhone to Pixel devices including music, photos, contacts, apps, text messages and more. You can transfer data from iPhone to Pixel XL / Pixel using quick switch adapter, USB cable, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Restore from online backup if you’ve backed up your data to Google account or Xender application. Also transfer data without adapter from android to pixel phone. But error transfer data to pixel phone when copying files.

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Suddenly stop the copying data from android or iPhone or Mac to Pixel device during setup. Android file transfer not working. Sometimes when setup your phone, it interrupted so stopped copying data. Try below given possible solution to fix error transfer data to pixel / Pixel XL phone.

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Fix error transfer data to pixel phone / Error When copying data android to Pixel XL

Error transfer data to pixel

1st Way: Check cable connection / Quick switch adapter

Try different cable to connect your smartphones. Check quick switch adapter is connected with Pixel XL / Pixel device. Also both phones are must unlocked, turned on and fully charged.

If quick switch adapter not work with your phone such as Windows or Blackberry, you can copy data manually without adapter using Google account. It will automatically sync data Blackberry or Windows to Pixel phone.

2nd Way: Suddenly power off / loose port to disconnect your pixel phone

If accidentally power turn off or your phone cable not fit in port then remove from phone and again insert into device. Check to copying your data android to Pixel device or not.

3rd Way: Check quick switch adapter supported your phone or not

Check your phone running OS. The quick switch adapter works with iPhone and android 5.0 (lollipop) and up version only. Update downloaded apps and check for software updates.

Set up automatic app updates:

Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps > Over Wi-Fi only

4th Way: Set up takes more times to transfer data

After connected your device with switch adapter, if set up take more times to transfer data, you may not able to copy some of the data from android device. Just stop copying data. Now again connected and check error transfer data to pixel device.

If you still can’t copy data from android to pixel phone, reset your pixel phone. A factory data reset will erase all your phone data. Before factory reset Google Pixel / Pixel XL device, backup data of your android phone.

I hope above given steps helpful to solve error transfer data to pixel phone. If you have known other easy trick to transfer files from android to Pixel device, please let us know below comment box.

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