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Fix Android Phone Overheating Quickly

Last Updated on May 7, 2020 by Bestusefultips

Here’s how to fix the overheating issue on Android or Samsung Galaxy Phone. There are various reasons to suddenly overheat your android device and battery drains quickly such as continue playing a game online, watch videos, downloading or uploading more data over Wi-Fi connection, GPS navigation, and more. Another reason is tethering your android phone or Wi-Fi hotspot use, high temperature, software incompatibility, faulty device battery, media apps, and long time use device while it’s charging. If your phone warm for a long time, it can damage also.

If you have to use a very old phone it is the most common reason to phone overheating. Try the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix an android phone overheat or warm suddenly and draining the battery fast on your Moto G4 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, Nexus 6P/6, etc.

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How to Fix Android Phone Overheat or Warm

  • Keep away your android phone or tablet device from direct sunlight or excessive heat
  • Not use phone case or cover that warm your device while charging or after charging
  • Reduce your android or Samsung device’s display brightnessAdjust brightness on moto G4 plus nougat

Settings > device > display > Brightness level

  • Turn off GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other services when not use
  • Don’t use defective battery
  • Turn off background apps that is unnecessaryAndroid phone overheat

Settings > device > Apps > Background apps

  • Avoid your phone with a faulty charger or cables
  • Viruses and malware

Download AVG antivirus or Clean master app for mobile security that scan your device and check any viruses or malware affected your device or not.

I hope the above given possible solutions fix android phone overheat or warm. If you have any kind of trouble, please let us know on below comment box, would be a pleasure to help you. Don’t forget to share this useful tip with your friends on social networks. Stay connected with us for daily latest updates!

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