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How to Enable Dual Speakers on Galaxy Note 8

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Is your Galaxy Note 8 device set up dual speaker? In this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide to enable dual speakers on galaxy Note 8 device. These dual stereo speakers are stunning to watching movies or videos and playing games in your galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 released with awesome features such as live message, S pen, live focus, dual speaker stereo audio and more.

Stereo speaker is useful to enjoy hear audio from our android device. Have you any idea about Galaxy Note 8 comes with dual speakers or not? In several devices users worried due to stereo speaker’s absence. Check out below given step by step guide to enable and use dual speakers on the Galaxy Note 8 device.

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How to Enable Dual Speakers on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Enable dual speakers on galaxy Note 8

If stereo speaker mode for galaxy Note 8 is available, first of all, enable dual stereo speakers on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device. This mode changes to the mixer_paths.xml files under /system/etc folder. Now it will automatically go without need root/ custom recovery to install this stereo speaker mode.

This file is big, so making a change to it difficult to use. To modify this file to easy to use. Below you can download dual stereo speaker mode file for galaxy Note 8 device.


Let see instruction to download and install dual speaker set up on the Galaxy Note 8 device.

Step 1: Download the mixer_paths.xml file from the above-given link and copy file to your Galaxy Note 8 device.

Step 2: Open any root file explorer you want to use.

If not installed any file manager app, download your favorite file explorer app from the play store.

Step 3: Copy the modifier mixer_paths.xml.

Step 4: Go to system/etc folder on the root file explorer.

Step 5: Paste the file and replace it with a modified file.

Step 6: Set permission to RW-R-R OR 644

Now restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device and enable dual speakers on galaxy Note 8. I enjoy watching movies or videos, listening to music and more audio activity.

Use Dual Audio on Galaxy S10 Plus and S10

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Connections.

Step 3: Tap Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth toggle.

Step 4: Tap Advanced at upper right.

Step 5: Toggle on dual audio.

You can see this pop-up message on the screen: Turn off media volume sync?

Step 6: Tap Turn off.

Step 7: Tap Dual audio.

Enjoy music on two Bluetooth devices or two Bluetooth speakers at the same time using a single phone.

And that’s all. I hope this article helpful to enable dual speakers on the Galaxy Note 8 device. Do you have any other tips want to share? If you have any kind of trouble, let us know in below comment box. Stay connected with us for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks.

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