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How to Change Clock Style In OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T Pro, 7, 6T, 6

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

By default set clock style in OnePlus 6 ambient display and always-on display. You can change clock style in OnePlus 6 Ambient display using display settings. While enabling ambient display on OnePlus 6, wake up screen when you receive notifications on your phone. In the OnePlus 6 Ambient display, you can see lift up display, clock style, display messages, and new notifications options. You can change the clock appearance on ambient display using this setting. Also, change the Ambient display clock style and customize the always-on display in OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T Pro, and other latest OnePlus devices.

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How to Change the Clock On My OnePlus 6 Lock Screen/Ambient display

How to change clock style in OnePlus 6 Ambient display

You can change your lock screen clock on the latest OnePlus devices using the below-given settings. Let see one by one.

How to Change Lock Screen Clock on OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T Pro, 7T, 7, 6T, 6

Step 1: Go to Settings on your latest OnePlus devices.

Step 2: Tap on Customization.

Step 3: Tap on the Clock style.

Step 4: Select the OnePlus 7 Clock style from Default/Analog/Minimalism/None.

How to Change Ambient Display Settings in OnePlus 6T/6

Step 1: Swipe down the notification shade and tap the Settings icon.

Step 2: Tap Display.

Step 3: Tap Ambient display under the customization section.

You can see below given four options in your OnePlus 6 devices.

Lift up display

Enable lift up display to wake up the screen by lifting the phone.

Contextual info

Enable it to show music info and upcoming event in Ambient display.

Display message

Enter the message you want to see in your OnePlus 6 ambient display while waking up the screen.

New notifications

Enable it to wake the screen when you receive new notifications on your device.

Now turn on the ambient display in OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS and change the clock appears on the lock screen from the list you want to set.

And that’s all. Do you still have questions about changing the clock style in the OnePlus 6 ambient display? Tell us in below comment box. Do you have any other tips you want to share?

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  1. Clock display is very poor for anyone with sight impairment. You should have different font and colour options, high contrast options and the option to change the size of the clock. I cannot see the lines on the recent red and black analogue version and struggle to read the black and white digital one. The older version was much easier to read. As it was white text on coloured background

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