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How to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Battery life is the important for any Smartphone. Most of users facing battery drain issues with new Galaxy Note 8 and other Smartphone. Annoying of quickly drain battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Let see some handy tips to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues. There are several reasons to fast draining battery such as running background apps, brightness, live wallpaper, screen time-out time and more.

To improve battery life on galaxy Note 8, you will also disable some network related apps when not in use such as Wi-Fi, location services, Bluetooth, Mobile hot-spot etc. Other battery relates problems are Galaxy Note 8 overheating or Galaxy Note 8 won’t turn on after fully charging. Check out below given several tips to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues.

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6 quickly tips and tricks to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues

Fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues

You will use battery saver mode, Doze mode and ultra power saving mode in your device to save battery life in fix Galaxy Note 8 devices. Try below given possible solution to extend battery life in galaxy Note 8.

1st Way: Minimum screen display time

Reduce screen display time and set it 15 seconds / 30 seconds to quickly turn off display and save battery in your Note 8.

Settings > Device > Display > Sleep > 15 seconds / 30 Seconds

2nd Way: Minimize screen brightness to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues

Scroll down notification bar from any screen and reduce screen brightness on your Samsung galaxy Note S8 to improve battery life.

3rd Way: Disable live wallpaper

If use live wallpaper on your galaxy Note S8 device, remove it from your Note 8 devices.

4th Way: Enable battery optimization to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues

Settings > Apps > Tap app > Optimize

If facing problem of suddenly drain battery on galaxy Note S8, find background app that consume more battery and high RAM used using battery settings. After found that app, force stops that individual app.

Settings > Battery > Tap on App to view details

Force stop apps on galaxy Note 8:

Settings > Apps > Tap on app want to force stop > Force stop > OK

5th Way: Check any system software updates available

Check any system software update is available for galaxy Note 8 phone. It will fix small bugs and improve performance of your galaxy Note 8 device.

Settings > about phone > System updates

6th Way: Factory date reset galaxy Note 8

Step 1: Go to settings in your galaxy Note 8

Step 2: Under personal section, tap on backup and reset

Backup you’re important data to Google drive using your Gmail account.

Step 3: Tap factory data reset

Step 4: Tap reset device

If use password or pattern lock to unlock the galaxy Note 8, draw it to unlock your Note 8.

Step 5: Tap delete all

If none of the above method fix battery problem on Samsung galaxy Note 8 devices, hard reset or factory reset galaxy Note 8.

And that’s it. If you have any tips to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery drain issues, tell us in the below comment box. Read more about Samsung galaxy S8 and galaxy Note 8.

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